Antiwar protesters target Congress

  1. Antiwar protesters target Congress

    When thousands of Iraq war protesters gather in Washington Saturday, their chants and amplified speeches are likely to be heard inside the secure grounds of the White House where the commander in chief has made his case for sending more troops into combat.

    But the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue - the Capitol and the Democratic-led Congress - is where they most aim their message.
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the main political target. War protesters want something tougher than nonbinding resolutions opposing the "surge" in additional US forces.
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    i hope that something is done, i don't know what the solution i have read blogs from people saying that the only thing that saved them is US presence and i have read other blogs that curse all of us for our military presence calling it an occupation

    some calling bush a greater terrorist that ben self i would trust bush first

    God lead us to a conclusion