Another set of lyrics. More serious, though. . .

  1. I've posted this before.

    My favorite musical is "Into the Woods" by Stephen Sondheim. To my ears and spirit, it's genious, both lyrics and music.

    It's a musical about life, actually. About going through life with all of the trials and tribulations. Characters from Grim's Fairy Tales are used including: Cinderella, Jack (from Jack in the Bean stock), Little Red Riding Hood. And other characters like The Witch, the Baker, and two Princes.

    What I like and appreciate about this musical is its profoundness set to lyrics and music. On the surface, it's a bunch of characters intereacting with eachother in a written-for-children "Fairy Tale" fashion. Deeper, though, you witness these characters interact with each other as people might after experiencing the want of producing (procreating) a child; or the struggles of "setting free" of a child as he or she grows up; or dealing with "finding a mate"; or dealing with taking risks and adventures; or dealing with death. . . the loss of a loved one. All of these profound subject matters are cleverly interwoven into this "Fairy Tale".

    The following is a set of lyrics sung towards the end of this two act musical. The song is titled, "Child will Listen" and is sung by the Witch, the Baker, and Company. It's probably one of the most profound pieces in the musical. One that I wish to share with you all.

    Listen to the musical clip of "Children Will Listen" from Into the Woods:
    "Children Will Listen" by Stephen Sondheim

    Enjoy and Cheers to you all.



    Witch [simultaneously with Baker] :
    Careful the things you say,
    Children will listen.
    Careful the things you do,
    Children will see.
    And learn.
    Children may not obey,
    But children will listen.
    Children will look to you
    For which way to turn,
    To learn what to be.
    Careful before you say,
    "Listen to me."
    Children will listen.

    Careful the wish you make,
    Wishes are children.
    Careful the path they take,
    Wishes come true,
    Not free.
    Careful the spell you cast,
    Not just on children.
    Sometimes the spell may last
    Past what you can see
    And turn against you...

    Careful the tale you tell.
    That is the spell.
    Children will listen...

    From "Into the Woods" by Stephen Sondheim.


    As you probably realize, by now, I'm at work. And my two patients are safely sleeping with the heart's a-beatin'.

    It's a wonderfully quiet night filled with reflection and deep thoughts. . . . .

    Watch! Someone will probably code now and all hell will break loose!

    I said the "Q" word. . . . .

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  3. by   Ted
    I posted these lyrics mainly to help illustrate a point.

    Careful the spell you cast,
    Not just on children.
    Sometimes the spell may last
    Past what you can see
    And turn against you...
    Careful the tale you tell.
    That is the spell.
    Children will listen...
    Children will listen! It's the concept of nurture. Although nature gave us the color of our hair, the ability to walk on two legs and even the potential for speech and writing, it's nurture that primarily forms our values. . . our beliefs. . . our cultures.

    Sometimes I think that child raising becomes taken for granted by ourselves and by society. We sometimes seem to forget that children are watching us. . . whether we know it or not. . . and learning from us . . . whether we know it or not. . . through our words and actions. It's not that I think children are fragile. But they do seem to be dry sponges soaking up all what is around them. And sometimes what they learn is. . .well. . . our less desirable human traits like prejudice, the value of "things" verses the value of "living beings", lack of responsibility and accountability.

    No one is perfect. No parent is perfect. No child is perfect. It's the imperfection that makes us wonderfully human. But it's also the imperfection that can make us terribly dangerous.

    "Careful the tale you tell. . . that is the spell. . . children will listen."

    They do, I guess. Listen, that is. The history of man-kind is riddled with war and greed and prejudice. Our generation were children once. Yet these things are still going on today!

    You'd think we'd learn by now with all of this fancy shmancy electronic and motorized gadgetry!!! I mean, so much has happened with regards to industry and technology within the past 150 years, you'd think we'd learn how to "just get along"! Gosh, we can fly from Africa to the "States" in less than a few hours and there still are problems between the two cultures that could ultimately end in civilization as we know it. . . even though they live "just around the corner"!!!

    There's lots of parents teaching children not nice things on both sides of the Atlantic!

    In words and deeds.

    And children will listen. And learn.

    We all have a choice. Despite our fears; despite our prejudice; despite our "values"; despite our cultures, even. We all have a choice. To learn to live with one another, or not to learn to live with one another.

    Gosh! I hope we choose to live with one another. And start speaking and "doing" this value.

    Children will listen. And learn. . . . .


    I know that this pondering of mine is not new. It's old. Really old!

    But it's 2:45 am and my two patients are safely sleeping with their hearts a-beatin'. . . and I was thinking about my favorite musical. Re-reading the lyrics. . . and re-affirming my own values. And sharing to you all . . . . .

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  4. by   nowplayingEDRN
    They are very deep, profound lyrics, Ted and thank you for sharing. Being the proud (and sometimes not-so-proud) parent of 2 teens......I knows those lyrics to be all too true, having had things I have said or done come back to haunt me from time to time. I admire those that have had the guits to admit that parenting is not for them and chosen NOT to have kids. To me that takes far more courage than having children when one is not ready to have them or better yet just not suited to have them but very irresponsibly pro-create (I hope that comes out right with out being offensive and if it is, I apologize right now...sometimes it's hard to convey one's thoughts and feelings thru a keyboard). I do not regret for one moment that I had children but I can say, with great conviction , that it was far harder to be a parent than to go thru Nsg school and sit for the NCLEX. I have 1 that is testing her fight feathers on the edge of the nest now (she will graduate HS this June) and she is so fragile yet strong and yet has no concept of what the real world is like and the responibilities that go with leaving the nest and it scares me. And if there is onething that I hope to have passed on is a tolerance and understanding for others and a good set of moral and ethical values.......and at this point in her life, all I can do is hope and pray.........Blessings and Peace to All....


    PS: Feel free to muse and ramble and ponder any time Ted
  5. by   Ted
    As stated before, the musical "Into the Woods" is my favorite musical.

    You can now hear a clip of the lyrics provided at the beginning of this thread.


    Children Will Listen by Stephen Sondheim

    From the musical, "Into the Woods"

  6. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Thank you once again It was beautiful!!