another question for vettech or anyone who has knowledge.....

  1. my rottweiler is 8-9 yrs old. no past health problems. awhile ago she got an eye infection and i kept medicating her as told by vet, went to a new vet who said her eyelid was introverted and that i could get surgery or continue medication the rest of her life. due to age and obesity he recomended the med. since then i have continued the med . any way. since the initial eye infection she has been drinking water like crazy. always thirsty. i asked the vet to test her for diabetes-------negative. her mouth has really seemed dry to me the last few months. but i really noticed it more when i took her to be groomed yesterday. before--when i took her in the car--i was wet, the inside of the car was wet--with slobber. none yesterday except a couple of drops. .i changed her dog food a couple of days ago to light adult food, cause my chihuahua was having cramps and vet recommended changing. chihuahua is 7. any thoughts???
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  3. by   delirium
    Is she still on the med, and what kind of med is it?

    My beagle, Mercedes, is on Prednisone right now for an allergy flare (poor baby, she bites herself until she bleeds) and when she's on that she drinks like crazy... I'm talking 5 or 6 full bowls of water a day. And she has a dry mouth in between. So if its a similar drug, that might be why. Just make sure she has plenty of fresh, cold water.

    Is she eating well? Any other side effects or problems besides the thirst?

    My dogs do very well on weight maintenance formula.
  4. by   tiger
    she still eats well--anything she can get. the med is only a triple antibiotic ung to the eye. she seems fine other than the dry mouth, thirst, and eye problem. and, well a little problem with her joints(getting up and such). i think that is expected with an older rott. sometimes i give her an aspirin.