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  1. I have a 4-year-old cream-colored German Shepherd. She's the sweetest, most even-tempered dog on earth. I love her silly. BUT....the hair is getting unbearable!!! She sheds terribly! It's everywhere I go. I'm afraid to have people over to my house. I can vacuum six times a day and it's fruitless! And now that I'm wearing business clothes, I spend 15 minutes in my office trying to swiff off the hair I've dragged in with me!

    I don't know how much longer I can put with this. I think I'm gonna have her shaved but it's cold outside! Anyone got suggestions for excess shedding?! Save my dog life (or at least her coat)!
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  3. by   tiger
    hi zee. my rott is a big shedder too. the only thing i know to do is give her baths frequently and brush, brush, brush. it helps a little. maybe your vet or a groomer would have a better suggestion. good luck.
  4. by   Janet Barclay
    Hi Zee,
    I was told to add fat to my dog's diet, and it works. Add bacon drippings, fat from meat or whatever you have to their dry food, his coat will be a lot shinier nad he will shed less. This was from a vet, by the way, so I think the extra fat's probably ok for them.
  5. by   Mito
    Hi Zee,
    I think a hound glove might help you out. Take the dog outside to use it and 1 to 2 times a week for the next month and this will get you through your dog's shedding cycle.

  6. by   babynurselsa
    My vet also recommended bacon drippings in the food to help out with the coat. Dogs and cats being luckier than us can have a high fat diet I guess. I would disagree with too frequent bathing as this will dry out their skin even more aand maybe cause further problems.
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  7. by   NurseDennie
    I have three big dogs. One is a 12-year old Rotty mix. The old man. And man, is he OLD. He's getting senile. Have you ever seen a senile dog?? He feels the need to bark his dogfood into submission before eating it. Sometimes he forgets what he's doing when he's eating and we have to remind him. Sheesh. He looks like a long-haired Rotty WITH a tail.

    The next one is a GSD-Collie Mix. What a love she is. She sheds MOOCHO.

    The last one is a Chow-Mix. Laziest doggie I've ever seen in my life. We "rescued" her - the neighbors had her for a year, they kept her in a back yard and seemed to take good care of her. UNTIL she was suddenly running around the neighborhood, getting very thin. we went over to talk to the neighbors, and they had moved away, just letting her loose and abandoning her!!! Now she goes out three-four times a day JUST long enough to do her business and that's all. Which is fine, because being a Chow, I don't trust her. She's been known to be a bully. She snapped her chain last week, and ran to the fence like she was going to jump over it.... Oooof... Tried in the corner where she could try to climb using the top rail. Ooooffff. She started to head for the gate which is near the back door of the house. You could see her thinking "Oh H*** with it" and just walk up to the back door!!

    Dog hair - I have a curry thingie that looks like an instrument of torture, but they LOVE to get brushed with and a regular brush (that they LOVE to get brushed with!) LOL. What falls off of the dogs between brushes and curries goes mostly (for some reason) to the baseboard in the kitchen. I sweep it up and am prepared to knit a new dog whenever we need one!
  8. by   Karen4HIM1951

    I could tell you about dogs! ! We just lost our 14 year old Samoad about 11 months ago - still find her hairs in the most unusual places (some came out of the box with the Christmas tree!)

    The oldest dog we have now is called SNORT - (part Chow, part collie) Now here we go again - More Hair!!!! He's just too
    pretty to be a boy!!!!!

    Our year old part terrier/chuahua (sp?) was raised with our cat and I swear she thinks she's a cat - she scratches at you, jumps up on the tables and makes the weirdest sounds like a cat when she wants something (as well as rubbing on your leg when she wants petted!)

    Our cat (about the same age) tries to go out with the other dogs and wants to eat the dog food. She's lined up with the dogs at human mealtime and stands there and begs - just like the others!

    Our baby (a 6 mo old Mutt with EVERYTHING in him) thinks he is a lap dog! (He weighs 42+ lbs)' You should see him jump up in my 16 year old daughters lap -which can be quite commical, especially when the little terrier mix is already sitting there!!


    (Don't laugh, at the Western NC State fair there was a lady with a spinning wheel who does use Samoad hair!!!!!!!!!!!)