Another little girl kidnapped...

  1. Today I woke up in a safe, secure happy home....only to discover that last night, a little girl was kidnapped less than a mile away from me. She was 14, and the man that took her had something to do with California. (I couldn't quite catch it all...)
    Now, I'm scared for my children. Dennis and I are getting a BIG dog and within 6 months, I'll have a handgun (all we have are shotguns for now). I always felt like we lived in a safe neighborhood....
    I've laid down the law about the girls being outside without Dennis or I. They can only play in the backyard (That's fenced in with locks on the gates). And if they want to ride their bikes, they can only do so out front if Dad or I are out there with them, and they can only go so far (where we can see...).
    Why is this world like this? I know why.....but I am scared...scared for all these little children who are having to go through this's sad when a little girl can't even be outside without some pervert tracking her down and doing only God knows what to her...
    Dear God..protect her....bring her home safely...please.....
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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    "dear god..protect her....bring her home safely...please....." amen.
  4. by   Carleigh
    What a sad world we live in. There is also a young girl missing from my state of Va. Her parents were shot to death and no one can find her. I guess most people heard that the other 3 murders of young girls in our state was finally solved when a brave young girl escaped the killer and he finally shot himself to death. The news has just reported that she will get the reward money of $150,000 which should help her in planning for her future.
    As for dogs, I have a beautiful German Shepherd and I do think that dogs deter crime, most criminals don't want to have to deal with a barking, biting dog. Just remember that the dog needs to be trained and well cared for so it will also be a good family pet. A big dog definitely needs guidance and lots of socialization so it won't bite indiscriminately. I dont' have children and I can't imagine how frightening it must be for parents these days. No age is safe anymore.
  5. by   GPatty
    Just found out his plates said California and they have his name and his age (28). He has a record with quite a few priors on it, but the radio won't say what they are.
    Dennis said we are going to look for a German Shepard pup. We want a puppy to be raised around the kids. We have small dogs, but Timothy is a miniature cocker spaniel who is crippled and wouldn't bite a fly unless they were teasing him, and Aries is a chihuahua/terrier mix that even when she bites hard (for her) it doesn't hurt....but thank you for your advice Carleigh...I appreciate it.
  6. by   jevans
    Getting a large dog is a good way to deter crime I have 2

    A big black lab who is fiecely protective of entire family and a spaniel who would kill if anyone went near my daughter. It was love at first sight for both of them and they are never apart
  7. by   colleen10
    When my grandmother was little you could play all over the neighborhood.

    When my mom was little you could play all up and down the street.

    When I was little you could play in your yard.

    Now, when I have kids I won't even let them play in their own yard because some wacko could come right up to the front door and take them.

    It is really sad. I feel so bad for you. I can't imagine what I would feel or go through if that happened in my community.

    God Bless all of you and I pray that the young girl is not suffering.
  8. by   jevans
    I don't know if you all are aware two 10yr olds have been missing in the UK since 4 Aug with no traces of their where abouts.

    It seems that every school holiday we have a simular occurence

    My heart goes out to any parent in this situation

  9. by   GPatty
    I used to have a big black lab who was also VERY protective....sure do miss her....
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    When will we punish these offenders to suit the crime? They see this as an easy way to prey upon our most helpless citizens.

    when that happens, perhaps they will think twice before victimizing our kids. There are over 1000 registered pedophiles and sex offenders living in a 5 mile radius of my home, I learn on the internet.......and no, you don't have to live in a seedy neighborhood to have this...they are ensconced EVERYWHERE while we are seldom made aware.

    Dateline Everett, Washington: While a dad was watching tv in his room, a stranger walked INTO his apartment, and by the time the dad head the door squeak, this man had his toddler by the hand, outsid the door! Luckily, he chased him down and got the child back. The BALLS! you can't even be in your own freaking HOME and not have someone take your child out of it .....this happened IN BROAD DAYLIGHT last week!

    As a mom of a 10 and 3 year old, I am totally stressed out as to my kids' safety. My 10 year old is not allowed out of sight...when I was 10, I was running errands for my mom to a grocery store 2 miles away in the city of Chicago, no less. Times have so changed. What are we to do? Time to get rid of these PURPS for GOOD once convicted. I see as the only way, being a concerned citizen who lives among 1000s of registered sex offenders, (who knows how many UNregistered ones there are in addition???)
  11. by   Mkue
    that is so sad. our society is so full of weirdos, you can never be too careful.
  12. by   kittyw
    We need to VOTE!! We need to act! In my state the legislature determines the range of sentence length applicable to any crime. We got to write to our representatives to increase the penalty. It's almost election time again - find out which ones running for office support increasing the penalties for these awful crimes. Vote out those that don't support it. Tell all your friends which ones support punishing these people. Write to the criminal judges .... tell them to give the criminals the maximum allowed by law. Let's take some action so when we capture these criminals we can get them out of society for a very, very long time.

    Stepping off my soapbox now.

  13. by   Dr. Kate
    I drove down a residential street yesterday and saw kids out playing on their own. It is so sad that something that was once a common sight of summer and late afternoon is now unusual enough to be noted, even in the safe area I live in. Children still play on the street where I live but there's always an adult close by.
    These crimes against children bring out that part of me that's a bit to the right of Atilla the Hun.
  14. by   JailRN
    Agree, don't know what is happening with our society. Too much,"Not my fault-My father was an alcoholic,' "mentally ill, ADHD< twinkies, etc. It's time for the bleeding heart liberals to go away and let people be responsible for their action, have the court quuit trying to "rehabilitate" and put to death quicker.

    But we have our dear. confused Pres Regan to thank for closing the mental wards.(It's almost poetic justice that he now has Alzheimers, unfortunately, he has the funds to be cared for)

    37 and one half cents of lead would solve some of these problems.(That's the cost of a bullet)

    As for dogs, the family dog didn't do Danielle Van Dam too much good,(unless her father was too stoned to hear the dog) We have Rotts, but I don't trust some nut case not to poison them and take the kid anyway, or just shot the dog.

    agreed, Colleen, when I was little, 9-10, I could go about a mile awas, play and come home when it got dark.. Now, my 19 year old has a cell phone and MUST chech in whenever his plans change, he needs to let us know where he's going, who he's with, when he'll be back, and God save him if he lies. And if we don't approve-he doesn't go. (my house, my rules-I sound like my mother) My soon to be 8 year old doesn't even go out of the house without his Dad or me along. (back yard is a pool-not safe without parents or brother) across the street is the ocean-difinately off limits without us. Ya know, we have microchips in our dogs, lo-jack in our car-would any of you put a chip in your children?? I would!!

    When the older one was little-we joked that he was such a pistol, if anyone took him, they would bring him back quickly and probably pay us to take him back, it's not funny anymore