Another diary entry from Oscar

  1. for those of you who have been asking for more of oscar, this diary entry was from last week:

    [color=#e30304]dear diary,

    as usual, lots is happening around here. mom said it was spring time so it was time to go see the doctor lady. i figured, if i can't see mom then she can't make me go, right?

    but then mom said the magic word: car. so i'm ok for a ride in the car. even if i do make myself dizzy spinning around and knocking my head into the front door. ahem.

    the doctor lady said i was very handsome and that i can't possibly be the big baby that mom was telling her i am. that was until she tried to get me on that silly weighing thing. i screamed in her ear so loud, i thought her eyes were gonna pop out. it was really funny.

    but i forgot, don't be mean to people with big needles. see what she did to me?

    i'm sorry! i'm so sorry! i won't ever scream in her ear again.

    i need my hulkman to help me feel better.

    after all these years hulky, you're still the only one who understands me.

    my brothers and sister told me that it was mother's day this past weekend.

    i love you mummy.

    uhoh, dad came into the room.

    hey, this is a private moment here!!

    but you know diary, despite ladies with sharp needles, and all the other nasty stuff around here, i'm a pretty happy hound.

    now, i think i'll just lie here on the couch i'm not supposed to be on and watch mom work.

    love and licks,
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  3. by   nursemary9
    Dear Oscar,

    I am one of the people who was asking about you.
    I'm so sorry to hear that you had to go to see the Doctor Lady; but it is nice to get to ride in the car!!

    I will have to tell my dog, Barney about your screaming in the Doctor's ear!! He'll think that is soooooooooooooooo funny, because he hates the doctor & he hates that weighing scale!! Unfortunately, he even hates the car!!

    I hope we will hear from you again soon.

    You are such a handsome fellow!! But. I'd better not say too much or Barney will get upset!! LOL

    Mary Ann
  4. by   dianah
    Oooooooo, Oscar you are such a cutie!! I'm sorry you got a boo-boo at the doctor's office. It WILL feel better soon. I'm glad you have Hulk and your other toys AND your large sleeping pillow AND the OFF-LIMITS couch to comfort you. Please keep posting pictures of yourself and your adventures (your life is possibly more exciting than mine!!)! Hugs.
  5. by   kitty29
    This is so cute!
  6. by   muffie
    oh oscar, you are such a pooch !