Animal instincts

  1. CATS
    1.Cats do what they want,when they want.
    2.They rarely listen to you.
    3.They're totally unpredictable.
    4.They whine when unhappy.
    5.When you want to play,they want to be left alone.`
    6.When you want to be left alone,they want to play.
    7.They expect you to cater to their every whim.
    8.They're moody.
    9.They leave their hair everywhere.
    10.They drive you nuts.
    Conclusion Cats are small women in fur coats.

    1.Dogs lie around all day,sprawled on the most comfortable piece of furniture in the house.
    2.They can hear a package of food opening half a block away,but don't hear you when you're in the same room.
    3.They can look dumb and loveable all at the same time.
    4.They growl when they are unhappy.
    5.When you want to play,they want to play.
    6.When you want to be alone,they want to play.
    7.They are great at begging.
    8.They will love you for ever if you rub their tummies.
    9.They leave their toys everywhere.
    10.They do disgusting things with their mouths and then try to kiss you.
    Conclusion Dogs are small men in fur coats.
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  3. by   emily_mom
    Funny and interesting way of looking at it! How true though!!!!!

  4. by   Robin61970
    Hey Heather see that????? LOL
  5. by   nakitamoon
    LMAO!!!!! Thanks so much for all the laughs,,,, this morning,, wonderful way to start my weekend!!!!!!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS ~kitamoon
  6. by   vashka25
    Awwww... now where's Heather for a fitting quip when you need one?????

  7. by   bagladyrn
    I'm going to print this off and keep it around for justification the next time I get into one of my "All men are dogs" rants!