ANGRY - from a pt point of view!

  1. I am so upset...
    I had a rheumatologist appointment today which I called this morning to cancel , I'm really not feeling well, very fatigued and concerned I might have a little cold etc....
    I spoke with the receptionist, explained that I had something come up and that I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to pay any cancellation fee or last minute cancellation fee that there might be. And her reply was that there was no fee but since this was the second time I had to rebook (the first was in May because we had a major shortage at work and I had to work late) that she , and I quote "was not sure that the dr would WANT to rebook me and see me again" , thinking that Clearly I must have heard her entirely wrong I said "pardon me?"
    again she voiced that since I have had to rebook more than once that the dr is not going to like that much. Well I took that opportunity to mention that the DR I am seeing is a locum Dr from out of town who is not readily available like a Dr based here in Toronto would be and that life happens sometimes and initially when I was to see him THEY called me and cancelled on me!
    you know I understand the frustration when someone cancels an appointment etc, I worked in a dr's office for a year and a half , but never would we ultimatum our patients or suggest for one moment that a dr would be anything less than happy to see them.
    I am not an irresponsible person, I take my illness seriously, and the rationale behind my cancelling in the first place was that if I am sick , I will be going into an office that is part Rheumie - with immunosuppressed patients like myself and part Gyne, so I didnt want to surround myself with people who can get sick at the drop of a hat , or pregnant people.
    Actually it doesnt really matter why I Cancelled, I still find it highly unprofessional that I was treated the way I was......
    She said she had to talk to the dr before rebooking me and that she would get back to me.
    I think I am going to go elsewhere. I live in a nice big city with a lot of Doctors , why limit myself to a place that is gonna make me feel crappy for not making an appointment?
    This is not at all important in the whole big scheme of things ,but as a nurse I just got so angry that my fellow medical professionals could even contemplate not seeing a patient.
    I wonder what would happen if I had the option to decide whether or not to care for my patients?
    No sorry Mr brown you didnt eat breakfast fast enough this morning I just cant bathe you....tsk tsk.
    point being, life happens when youre busy making other plans.
    I feel like the Dr is my father, somehow magically I'm 12 again , and the receptionist is my mother, and she has to ask my father if I can do something.
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  3. by   prn nurse
    You have an appointment TODAY with a specialist, a rheumatologist, and you cancelled this morning because you feel FATIGUED ? A prime symptom of rheumatology patients.

    Seems like all the more reason to go.

    As someone who has been having symptoms, and has had lab work four weeks ago and has been referred to a rheumatologist.... and is anxiously waiting two full months FOR THE EARLIEST AVAILABLE APPOINTMENT... desperate or not...urgent or not........... it doesn't matter... I must wait to see the doc who will run more blood tests, and CT scans. I can see the point of view from the receptionist.

    I see these doctors as specialists with patients who have chronic, devastating life altering illnesses who value their appointments and really appreciate the doc setting aside time to see them

    But, you live in Canada, so what do I know?

    Yourlast paragraph sums it up. Why perceive it like that? It tells more and reflects more on you than the exchange between you and the receptionist.

    I think you just don't perceive this dr. visit business as seriously as someone who Is Ill and has waited two months to see the doctor.

    I'd make the the appointment with another doctor.
  4. by   delirium

    I agree that the receptionist was abrasive and rude with you. I don't think you cancelling the appointment means you value the appointment any less than any other patient, and at least you were courteous enough to call (even if it was last minute) to cancel, so that they may be able to fit another patient into your slot.

    I might look into seeing another doctor, it depends on your rapport with this doc and how much you like/trust/respect him. If you have a really good doctor-patient relationship with him, I'd stick with him, despite the receptionist's attitude. Chances are, that kind of attitude isn't sanctioned by the doc anyway, who depends on his practice (and his patients) for his livelihood.

    In other words, if the receptionist is the only reason that you would change practices, I'd advise against it.

    I hope you get to feeling better, sweetie.

  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    no advice or words of wisdom....just wishing you well. i am so sorry to see you are ill, but i want to refrain from judgment here. i just wish you the best.
  6. by   delirium
    We should all follow your example more often, Debbie.

    Unfortunately, I just can't seem to keep my thoughts to myself. That's my OCD perking up.

  7. by   oramar
    I wish you would have went to see the doctor Wendy. I know from personal experience that it is really hard to get up the energy sometimes to go. It is in you best interest.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    i AM not A GOOD EXAMPLE.....JUST SEE THE 9/11 thread. But I AM a work-in-progress, learning and trying to grow. I want to offer support here and less criticism. That is just me. I am trying to learn....:-)
  9. by   caliotter3
    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. If it were me I would look elsewhere b/c I can not stand being put upon when I'm spending my hard-earned money for a service/product; but can't advise here. It occurred to me since this bothered you so much that you might contact the MD (perhaps thru Med Soc so receptionist can't intercept msg) and inform him about the incident. He might not be aware that his receptionist is turning away clients and would welcome the info. Receptionist sounds like she needs to get into another line of work. Hope you get help soon with your problem.
  10. by   hapeewendy
    prn nurse, I can understand and appreciate your opinion
    unfortunately now I am temping at about 100 or so and went to my family dr who thinks I have strep throat
    so perhaps maybe the rheumatologist follow up was not the more pressing of my problems today.
    I know my body and it was not just fatigue that kept me back, as I said I felt like I was coming down with something.
    I find your assumptions about me hurtful and I wont really bother to take up too much time trying to explain myself
    I have said that I take my illness very seriously, and my Dr's appointments very seriously , and whether or not I live in Canada has zero to do with anything so why you even mentioned that is beyond me.
    I have waited months and months to see a specialist
    and its not a matter of them being courteous enough to set time to see me as a favour, they get paid, and damn well I might add to see patients...
    as for my last paragraph, sometimes we need to realize that patients have rights as well and we dont need to be given ultimatums or dictacted to.
    I am an intelligent compassionate caring person.
    PRN I have read many of your posts and you should really try to judge people less
    I am new to this whole lupus thing so I dont know if it is like this for everyone but sometimes just sometimes the fatigue is so bad that you cant even move, and when youre sick , with a fever it is often unrelieved fever so your spiking every few hours or so.
    My family doctor who is very supportive and understanding is referring me to someone else. I have never felt a completely good rapport with this dr but stayed because I was still in the diagnosing/figuring out what the heck is going on stage.
    Again I respect everyones opinion , thanks for your support as always , but PRN it is possible to voice your opinion without throwing in personal judgement on a persons values or whats important to them or personality.
    you can say I was wrong for not going and that wasnt the smart thing to do but dont start tossing around ideas about what kind of person I am
    cuz you are sadly mistaken on what you think......
  11. by   prn nurse
    Gosh, I don't know where you all are.
    But down here in my neck of the woods, everybody, doctors and patients, take appointments very seriously. There is a
    shortage of doctors, and nationwide a big shortage of rheumatologists.
    As I posted earlier, I am currently waiting....and waiting.....and waiting..... for my first appointment to
    see a rheumatologist, having been referred by a neurologist.
    The symptoms I have and the possible diagnosis I have, from what I have been told, would be treated with steroids and other drugs to "halt the progression" of the disease.
    So, knowing this, I would certainly like to see the dr. ASAP.
    And, wouldn't want to see any of his time wasted while I am waiting........

    And all the other folks seeing these docs, people with diseases like lupus, muscular dystrophy, guillian barre, scleraderma, all of the auto-immune diseases and myopathies.

    Being a health professional, I know the doctor's busy schedules. I know my doc isn't hanging on a BB like this an hour or two a day.

    I think the receptionist is protecting the doctor and running interference for him. I would not call the doc, if he were my doc. He would be Pi$$ed ! And he wouldn't hesitate to tell me.

    Maybe things are different where you all are.

    I respect the docs enough that when they reserve their time to see me, I will be there. I've been so sick I've called a cab to get there....and threw on sweats without underwear...too sick to dress....but I was there.

    Different folks have different views. I probably place too much importance on doctor appointments.
  12. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    no advice or words of wisdom....just wishing you well. i am so sorry to see you are ill, but i want to refrain from judgment here. i just wish you the best.
    My sentiments exactly.

    Wendy, may you have speedy healing!

    prn nurse - you can take this as a threat or a promise, I don't care. Keep pulling this same stupid shyt - you will get run off this board. Piss off Wendy, you piss off me. Piss off ANY of my family here...Piss on you.
  13. by   Jenny P
    As the wife of an immunosupressed person, the LAST thing I want in a rheumatologists' waiting room is a coughing, feverish person. How many people do you want Wendy to kill off with a strep infection, PRN? DH has to put up with me and my sinuses right now; I'm handwashing and disinfecting like crazy. DH's PCP doesn't want ME to care for isolation pts. because of the possible effect of those bacterial exposures on DH.

    Do what you want PRN, just stop dumping on others here. Your voice is becoming way too shrill lately.
  14. by   Jenny P
    And Hapeewendy, I agree with you that that receptionist was way out of line! I appreciate your NOT going to the rheumatology waiting room while ill; the last thing they really need is a sick person sitting there among a roomfull of immunosupressed patients.
    Glad you went to your PCP; hope you feel better soon.