AN Members we miss.

  1. ixchel

    who else?
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    ixchel posted yesterday after an old thread got revived. WKShadow was back today in the mispronunciation thread.
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    Micro. . . .


    Nightingale 1998


    and many others. . .
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    Jnette, SmilingBlueEyes, Moogie.
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    Quote from herring_RN
    Jnette, SmilingBlueEyes, Moogie.
    Where is SBE?
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    Brian Jnette
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    The Commuter
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    Off the top of my head:

    Poi Dog

    And you, Faraway! I miss the late night telephone calls, sitting outside of my house at 3 'o clock in the morning screaming, "I'm not going to take this anymore!" and having Lola sit and squat in the hydrangeas.

    I miss that.

    I really do.
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    Poi Dog zipped thru here briefly sometime in the last...six months, or year? I saw one post, and then. . . no more.

    I have been in contact sporadically with XTXRN; she still has a very rough time physically, and both her dad and her old dog have died, also. She has a new dog, though it's probably older than I think by now; maybe two years old? I need to tap back in and see how she's doing.
    I doubt she will be back here on AN, though.

    Team____? ,or ____Team? Can't remember the name completely, but maybe far'wyn will...

    Yeah, NOADL'S!

    I'd have to go way back to think of a few more that used to be on here in 2012-2013...

    Brookie, um, Lou? I was in contact w/ her for a while, too. We've exchanged X-mas cards.

    And Goonie, where the heck are ya?