An Interesting Test!

  1. Thought this was cute! Some of my answers came out really close. Like my intrepretation for coffee was hot, and that actually means what I think of sex............

    If you really follow the directions, you'll be floored by the results.

    Warning! Do take the quiz as you read, there are only 5 questions, and if you scan all the way to the end before finishing you won't get the honest results. Don't cheat. Scroll slowly and do each exercise.

    Don't look ahead. Get a pencil and paper and write it down. You will need it at the end. This is an honest quiz, that will tell you about your true self. Enjoy!

    ************************************************** ******
    Chapter I: Arrange the following 5 animals according to your preference:


    ************************************************** *************
    Chapter II : Write one word to describe each of the following:


    ************************************************** *************
    Chapter III : Think of somebody (who also knows you) that you can relate to the following colours:
    Please don't repeat your answer twice. Name only one person for each colour.


    ************************************************** **********
    Chapter IV : Finally, indicate your favourite number and favorite day.

    ************************************************** ***********

    Are you done???? Make sure your answers are what you TRULY feel....... Last chance............ See interpretations below :

    But before going on, just make one wish.......

    ************************************************** ************

    Chapter I : This will define your priorities in life

    Cow means career
    Tiger means pride
    Sheep means love
    Horse means family
    Monkey means money

    ************************************************** ************

    Chapter II : Your description of Dog implies your own personality

    Your description of Cat implies your partner's personality
    Your description of Rat implies your enemy's personality
    Your description of Coffee is how you interpret sex
    Your description of Ocean implies your own life

    ************************************************** ****************

    Chapter III :
    Yellow - somebody who will never forget you
    Orange - someone whom you can consider as your real friend
    Red - someone you really love
    White - your solute
    Green - a person whom you will always remember for the rest of your life

    ************************************************** *******************

    Chapter IV : Your favourite number will be the number of persons you will be sending this test to and the favorite day will be the day that your wish will come true!
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  3. by   nurs4kids
    this thing is a fluke!

    my husband (cat) is NOT a *****! lol

    and I hate horses, but family comes first!

    this was made by some cat/horse lovin' person..i just know it! hehe
  4. by   Stargazer
    Hee! I put coffee (i.e., sex) as "essential". Duh!
  5. by   l.rae
    well, my hubby is NOT furry...he has long hair..does that count?
  6. by   debyan
    I thought the ocean was relaxing too bad my life isn't but then coffee was stimulating, the cat however was standoffish. which means that if my cat is standoffish my coffee won't be stimulated? deb
  7. by   Mkue

    Coffee is delicious , life is beautiful :chuckle

    That was pretty cool

  8. by   hapeewendy
    that was cool
    some of it was bang on
    however I do not find sex all that AROMATIC!
    unless you use some funky oils and whatnot , but I digress, I dont like coffee but I most certainly like the other...
    I tried not to put anything overly negative for cofee eventhough I dont like it cuz I figured it might be sex related ... you know
    HOT , STEAMY, FLAVOURFUL....... coffee!
  9. by   ShandyLynnRN
    No wonder I can't find a man! I am putting my cow before my sheep!

    And I definitely dont consider myself slobbery! hmmm, well maybe that again is why I cannot get me a man!

    I called the coffee (sex) black... I guess that could kind of fit, since it doesnt exist!!!

    From now on I guess I need to put my sheep before my cow, but never put anything before my horse, and it surprises me that my monkey was first, as I dont have ANY to show for it!
  10. by   hapeewendy
    hahahha shandy
    get a lil cream for that coffee already girl!
    apparently my "partner" if/when he decides to show up is going to be a nice mix of "fun, cute, furry and declawed"
    just kiddin!
  11. by   MIKEY LIKES
    I thought monkey might of meant sex. Well I quess it would if I paid for it. NOT. Unless I got a helper money. Wait...that's just sad.