An eye for an eye

  1. An Iranian man found guilty of using acid to blind a woman who refused to marry him now will have the same done to him as punishment-and she'll be the one who carries out the sentence, her lawyer says.
    Blinded woman to put acid in attacker's eyes - World news - Mideast/N. Africa -
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    Now see my brother that what I'm talking about right there Yes that's how it should be done . Use a gun to kill someone after the trial you get to shoot that person. Same for rape or any punishment that carries a death penalty or lesser.

    Do you know our prison system would not be crowded at all and the people on Death Row would not be there. Also How about a Black Sunday. Yes on Sunday once a month all Death Row inmates get killed every 15 mins.

    I know people call me cold blooded but you know looking at the people who are sitting on death row we have had them sitting there for 20 plus yrs and tax payers are paying the bill. Good for that court And Good for that lady. Someone finally gets revenge Eye For An Eye Indeed...... Anthony
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    Interesting that he is to be rendered unconscious first.

    I'm sure she wasn't unconscious.

    Only his eyes?

    Look at her face.
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    A follow-up on this story...
    Have you read the story of story of Ameneh Bahrami? If you haven’t, drop whatever you’re doing and read this…and share it.

    Whatever word or words one uses, I’m reminded of the word -


    Ameneh Bahrami is an Iranian woman who demonstrated to the world the power and beauty of Forgiveness and Grace over Retribution and Law.

    She had every right (and law) to exact justice and retribution on a man who robbed her of her beauty by hurling acid on her face some years ago and she decided….not to.
    the beautiful story of ameneh bahrami Eugene Cho
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    Ancient laws.....