An angel without wings

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    Its a short story of a teenager who was awaken from her daydreaming and was brought to an adult life. Being away from everything she had, she'll face another chapter of her life. With her hopes and dreams on her backpack, hope she'll succeed.

    One sunny morning on a month of April, everyone is excited and so happy. Everyone have their own black graduation robe on them, so eager to step on that stage and ready to tell the world "At last! I'm a graduate now". Friends, relatives and classmates are all in there except her parents. She spent that whole day with all of them, seeing everyone's happy faces with their family.

    Two weeks after, a news was told to her by a relative. She needs to go to another country to work and also for her to see her mother. Days gone by, and she didn't realized that it's time to leave the next day. She didn't mention anything to her friends for them not to be sad and upset. She got her backpack with few clothes, a hope and a dream included on it, then she left.

    After almost twenty hours of travel time, at last she first laid eyes on a beautiful city of New York. She got mesmerized of the beauty it has, the park, tall buildings, people, however there is nobody she ever know other than her mother.

    Weeks passed by so fast, she just stayed at home all the time because her mother is working. And nobody can take her outside the house. One day, she decided to learn things in there: learned how to take a train, to count and name the money, to speak and to talk in their language and to basically know everything about the place.

    It took her a while to finally got everything together in her mind. She then started to apply for a job. She became a waitress in a restaurant, a factory worker, a jewelry maker, a caregiver/caretaker, housekeeper and many more jobs.

    She was so overwhelmed, exhausted and saddened about the way most of the people spend their day there. She then realized what happen to her backpack of hope and dreams when all she has to do is to work for a few bucks and have very tired body.

    She cried and cried one night hoping that maybe, just maybe an opportunity can come on her way. When she worked in a restaurant, she met a guy who worked in a former restaurant across the street. They talked almost everyday. Talked about almost everything. As months passed by, the guy then offered the girl a job to work in an office. She was so happy that she kissed the guy in front of the customers in that restaurant. She was so delighted and happy to finally work in place more decent and professional than what she had. And so the day after that, she was accepted for the office job.

    A year later, they're relationship became more stronger than before. He was like an angel sent from heaven to her.
    She then discovered that the guy is a registered nurse and have worked in that restaurant part time before he takes his licensure exam. She is then motivated to take the nursing course. She brings the same backpack she used when she first came in the place. The guy waited until the girl finished her studies for him to say the 4 letter magic word (will you marry me?)

    While he is working he helped the girl on her homework, academics and internships. And also, they spent every single day with happiness on it as if they were meant to be together forever. her graduation day is fast approaching. The guy prepared his suit, his necktie and a wedding to ring to give.

    He proposed to her on her graduation day. They got married few moths after that. And the girl was thankful when she remembered that night when she cried and ask for a change in her life then an angel came however, it does'nt have wings on his back.
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  3. by   FranEMTnurse
    I like your heartwarming story.
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    @Franemtnurse - Thanks!