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  1. yesterday i took my daughter and her friends to dorney park. i tried to be so cool and go on the rides as much as they did. actually i felt like i was going through my second childhood. well, i almost scared myself to death on this one ride called the "dominator." the thing is about 20 stories high. they strap you into these seats and send you to the top in about 3 seconds and then drops you back down. while waiting in line, all i kept thinking was, "i hope they have a crash cart very available!" well......when this thing took off i swore i pi$$ed my pants! i tried to scream, but couldn't! the force was so strong that it was like being launched into space! when it's over they expect you to get right out and walk away. they forgot that i had to peel my brains out of my underwear and then put them back into my head first so that i could stand and walk! needless to say i haven't been right since....:stone ....ptsd! it was the best ride i was ever on and worth every penny i spent getting into the park!
    so what was the best ride you were ever on at an amusement park? give me all the details. maybe, just maybe i'll go on it the next time i go to an amusement park.

    "the dominator rules"
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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    ooo, I like the water rides...
    the one where you get into the big tube-thingie with about 4 other people and you all get soaking wet riding the "rapids"?

    Blast and a half!!
  4. by   nursejws
    Oooh, that sounds like the Cliffhanger at Six Flags. I rode the Cliffhanger a few times when I was in high school until this guy in my debate class told me a story about the Cliffhanger at the Six Flags in Georgia(I think it was Georgia?). Anyway, the first group got strapped in and sent up, while waiting to drop, the 2nd group of people were strapped in and sitting below when the 1st group came back down on TOP of the 2nd group. After I heard that story, I never rode the Cliffhanger again.
  5. by   subec

    I think my favorite ride is one that they have at Six Flags over Texas (they probably have this ride at other parks too).
    Anyway, you get strapped into this harness thing, and they they attach a cord to your back. They haul you up into the air(I have no idea how many feet off the ground we were---probably don't want to know). When you get to the top, they yell 3-2-1, and you pull a rip cord. You are then sent hurling across the park above all of the people walking around. It is an amazing rush.

    My friend and I rode this together about 2 years ago. The ride people video tape you going up and "flying" across the park. The funny thing is that in the video, you can see me telling my friend, as they are pulling us up into the air, "I'm so sorry I talked you into this, I'm so sorry I talked you into this.":roll

    We would have ridden this again, except it costs extra from the park admission ticket.

    I've ridden a smaller version of this ride at a park in Dallas, but the best one was the one in Arlington.
  6. by   shay
    I LOOOOOOOOVE roller coasters!! The higher and scarier and twistier, THE BETTER!!!!

    I like maximum puke factor on my amusement park rides!!!
  7. by   live4today
    my favorite ride is always in the kiddie section of the amusement park at disney world. i love smurfland, and that boat ride where i get to ride through fantasyland singing along with the cartoon characters "it's a small world after all". love that ride! love singing that song! oh...i also love riding the merry-go-round, but have to be on the horsey that goes up and down. hmmmmmmm...let's see what else i like...oh...i like the rides inside of epcot. all airconditioned, cool to see (excuse the pun), and absolutely amazing! :d
  8. by   zumalong
    Hey Shay maybe we can ride roller coasters together--my hubby wont even ride on the kiddie trains with our two year old. My 6 year old is fearless like his mom--but he is too short to go on the best rides.

    The best roller coaster??? Well Wonderland in CA has some awesome ones. We have 6 flags Darien Lake near us--they have added Superman which is my newest passion. You go up forever then it is free fall into several spiral loops--the ride is over 3 min long and if you hold out arms you really feel like you are flying. The end they take your pic, and one year my LPN students took us to park--they gave me a copy of my pic as a grad present--I have it framed with my big grin.

    Cant get enough of that rush--
  9. by   night owl
    How does one get talked into riding on something like that??? I'd try it if I had the guts...I'd probably lose them anyway!
    Then there was this other thing called the "skyscraper"...It was a very long piece of metal and at each end there were only two seats. The whole thing goes around and around while the seats twirl around and around. I just stood there with my mouth open and thinking, "Isn't this something they use while preparing you for a ride in space???" Definately would have lost breakfast lunch and my supper on that thing!...Maximum puke factor PLUS! And that ride was an extra five dollars.
    I would have gone on that water ride thing called "Thunder Canyon," (I think) but of course I didn't wear the bathing suit and didn't want to get all wet. Next time I'll wear it under my shorts at least and bring another pair of shorts to change into. The more I talk about it, the more I want to go back!!!!
    Next stop, six flags GREAT ADVENTURE in New Jersey. The last time I was there was just before I was married in 1983. No grey hairs, menopause, bad hips, bad hurtin feet, no bunions or poor eyesight is gonna stop me...........:spin:
  10. by   nursejws
    Susan...what kind of ride is that at Six Flags? I haven't been to Six Flags in it new?!?!

    Shay...I'm with you on the ROLLER COASTERS! Love 'em, Love 'em, Love 'em!

    *sigh* I can't wait to lose some weight so I can feel comfortable riding all the rides at the amusement parks!!!!! I used to buy a season pass and made good use of it too. The only ride I have not been on at Six Flags is the one where the floor drops out - don't remember what it's called, heard tooo many horror stories about people puking, etc, etc. :chuckle
  11. by   caroladybelle
    Nurse JWS -It is much better to have some weight when riding coasters.

    When I weighed 92 lbs - I always got bruises. I do much better on them now, that I am at 170.
  12. by   subec
    Hey night owl---I was able to talk my friend into riding because I offered to pay for it. I think that it was like an extra $30 dollars for both of us. It was so much fun, but the whole way up I kept apologizing to her. It was pretty funny.

    Jeri---I can't remeber the name of the ride, but it is over by the Shockwave and the big red tower. It was fun, but I still can't believe that I actually rode it. There is a smaller version of it over off of 35 at that car racing place. They have that ride, a bungee jumping thing, and a few others. That one is fun, but they don't pull you up into the air as high.
  13. by   NRSKarenRN
    Still a Carousel girl. Love the one at Dorney and Hershey Park. Also the Ferris Wheel at Morey's Pier, Wiildwood NJ the BEST can see for MILES around perched at the top. Tried to get my kids on the rollarcoasters this year 13 1/2 + 16 1/2 ---no dice. I'm all for the newer water parks and slide rides anlong with lazing on the tube in the river rides is fun and relaxing.
  14. by   MollyMo
    Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio has a roller coaster so high that when you are at the top you can look across Lake Erie and see Canada(so they say). This particular coaster also has flashing lights on it to warn off low flying aircraft. They also have the Demon Drop which is like the Tower of Terror at Disney.