Americans in gun sites of Mexican army

  1. Americans in gun sites of Mexican army
    Posted: March 13, 2004

    You'd think frequent gun battles along the U.S.-Mexico border between federal agents and citizen border-monitoring groups on this side, and drug and people smugglers on the other side, would make the national headlines.

    If you thought that, you'd be mistaken. Just ask Chris Simcox, owner of the Tombstone (Ariz.) Tumbleweed newspaper, and head of one such border group. He's trying to get the word out; few are listening and, apparently, that includes anyone in Washington.

    In an e-mail to select correspondents last month, Simcox said there was "another" shootout very similar to others that have occurred with increasingly frequency along remote areas of the Arizona border – areas known to be frequented by drug and alien smugglers and elements of Mexican "authorities" (which often has included federal troops and police) that escort them to the border.

    "Details are basically the same; shots fired, assailants get away, drugs seized," he writes. "The [Mexican] soldiers we captured on tape have been seen laying down suppression fire during the drug dealers' dash back across the border – this is not hyperbole – our guys are being fired upon from the other side of the border and they will not return fire. …"

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  3. by   rollingstone
    WyomingRN, I enjoy your posts. I'm it Tucson right now and the local news is rife with reports of illegal aliens being busted here and there. The other night 135 illegals were busted while occupying 13 rooms in a local hotel. An anonymous tip alerted authorities.
  4. by   NurseHardee
    The problem with your author is that he blames undocumented Mexican workers for this, and not the so-called US Drug War that has made a war zone out of the US Southern Border, Mexico, Colombia, etc.

    Apparently Amercans were once smarter back in the old days when Prohibition got passed, but now after a diet even more concentrated in hamburgers, the US public still can't muster up the brain power to stop this nonsense. Too bad for us and the world, right?

    Nurse Hardee

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  5. by   WyomingRN
    Thanks rollingstone. Few people really understand what is really happening along the border. It is far more than just illegals coming in.

    And no, the failed drug war has not helped the situation. The politicians seem determined to destroy American on several fronts.

    What really bothers me is it seems that so few American really care.