American soldier seeking refugee status in Canada


    Isn't it bad enough that murderers from the US want to stay here and can drag out their appeals for years? Now a man who volunterily joined the US military thinks he should be allowed to stay here as a refugee? It is so ridiculous and it makes a mockery of our immigration system. Why is our government so dumb somtimes?

    I was also surprised to see there were 268 American refugee claims last year. As far as I knew the US was still a democracy. Exactly what are these people refugees from?
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  3. by   Tweety
    Can't blame a fellow for trying. Didn't your country learn a lesson in the Vietnam War when thousands of conscientious objectors fled the US to Canada? Of course, later the Americans were allowed to come back and granted amnesty, so it worked.
  4. by   fergus51
    I don't think people minded that much during Vietnam, because the men being sent there were drafted (One of my best friends is the result of a draft dodger-Canadian union). They were not volunteers like this guy. I could see the argument in favor of granting refugee status if there were a draft. I can't see the argument of granting this man refugee status when he SIGNED UP FOR THIS!!!
  5. by   Tweety
    I didn't think of it like that. Duh. I imagine it must be tough to fight in a war and cause you don't believe in. But I'm sorry, you signed up, your Commander in Chief commands you do go, then you go. End of discussion. That's part of that Oath you swore to when you were inducted.

    Send him back so we can kick his butt.
  6. by   fergus51
    Will do ....
  7. by   cannoli
    Conscientious objectors? They were draft dodgers.
  8. by   fergus51
    Sure were, and I won't judge them or get into a debate about that. This is an entirely different situation. This man chose the armed forces of his own free will and I don't see why my taxes should pay for his refugee claim because he regrets his choice. I think it's absurd that women running from FGM have a hard time getting refugee status here, but a man from a free country should try.
  9. by   cannoli
    Yes, what did he think it was all about? So many are just interested in the benefits, they sing a different tune when they have to go to fight. He said he was interested in the subsidized housing, groceries and money for education. There have been others that when deployed have whined "I only joined for the education, or the 2 extra days pay a month, or whatever."

    In the last war there was a doctor who refused to go to the Middle East, she went to court martial but I never heard any follow-up. I guess she probably joined for the education.
  10. by   donmurray
    What's a dodger to do? Even the National Guard isn't safe these days...
  11. by   Katnip
    I remember the first Gulf War when a physician in the U.S. Army decided to become a contientious objector. The Army had paid all her medical school tuition, and when it was time for her to repay the debt, she reneged. She said she didn't go to medical school only to repair broken soldiers so they could continue to fight. Not sure how the heck she thought that sounded like a reasonable argument.
  12. by   fergus51
    Quote from donmurray
    What's a dodger to do? Even the National Guard isn't safe these days...
    Don, have I told you lately that I love you?
  13. by   sbic56
    Quote from donmurray
    What's a dodger to do? Even the National Guard isn't safe these days...
    I have a friend whose son has enlisted and has been told that because enlistment is down so much lately, that he is less apt to be sent to Iraq than the national guardsmen, because they need to use the full time enlisted guys to run things on the bases! He'll probably spend his enlistment in Germany. Another one of those "only in America" scenarios!