American Idol Part II

  1. Anyone watch it tonight?

    It was Billy Joel night, and Smokey Robinson was guest host.

    First up was Kim C, she did still rock n roll to me, if I am remember ing right...Eh

    Next Ruben, first time Simon ever had something bad to say about him. He honestly was not his best tonight.

    Carmen did a ballad, so...something, I recognize it when I hear it, but , anyway, I was about to howl like the dog when she was halfway thru... NOT her best performance, I am pretty sure she is TOAST after that

    Josh, yowza, the judges felt he did better, but I was like Oh man, please stop, where did I put those ear plugs. Sorry to Josh fans, but it was NOT good. He did the paino man, and it is a difficult vocal range to master, so the experts say. What would I know, I sound great when I sing it in the shower Or the car

    Kimberly Locke....ROCKED the house down w her rendition of a New York State of Mind, she was so mellow, yet poerful, I loved her performance tonight and Simon complimented her royally.

    Trenyce, well she did great. I forget the song, but it was great. Just a hair below Kim L's performance.

    Clay did Tell her about it, and Simon said He is great if he closes his eyes and said to stop contorting his face. Mean, but funny at the same time, but high praise for the change in his style, a bit faster instead of the ballads. He was GREAT!!

    My Top picks for tonight were in this order...Clay, Kim L, and Trenyce. The rest were really not outstanding. Basically they were told that it is getting close to the wire, and they should be singing like that. They are going to have to remember it is a competition, and work to beat the person they have become friends with.

    I have the VCR set for tomorrow, have a class.
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  3. by   dianah
    Thanks for the update! I'm Pacific time but don't mind the preview at all! -- Diana
  4. by   susanmary
    I love the show. Kim L. was the clearly the best. Clay also did wonderful. Love Reuben -- but he was "off" tonight. Be interesting to see who gets the boot. Thought Carmen would be voted off last week -- wasn't even in the bottom three. I think, again, she was the weakest -- but who knows? Still believe Reuben or Clay will win.
  5. by   hoolahan
    Yikes!! I forgot all about that Dinah, well, at least I didn't spoil who got the boot, just a review.

    I try not to spoil for the west coast...usually.
  6. by   tonicareer
    Ok poor Carmen had a rash/acne outbreak on her face which is not her fault. But her outfit was awful. She had on a pattern T-shirt under a silky dress that looked like a nightgown or swimsuit cover up. I am not a fan of her singing either. I am a Clay fan. I think Kim L. gets better each week. I am glad Ruben finally got some criticism (too much baby baby every week). I think now that the war is winding down Josh may lose some popularity. Don't care for Trenyce or Kim C. But who knows what will happen tomorrow I was wrong last week.
  7. by   RN-PA
    (Psssst-- What happened to the original American Idol thread?)

    I watched tonight and was glad when I heard Billy Joel songs would be the theme, since I generally like his music, especially the older stuff. I LOL'd when you said, "Carmen did a ballad, so...something, I recognize it when I hear it, but , anyway, I was about to howl like the dog when she was halfway thru... NOT her best performance, I am pretty sure she is TOAST after that " I love the dog-howling part, hoolahan! I was amazed that Simon finally criticized her strongly since he's definitely held back most times.

    I agree that Kimberly Locke was great and I enjoy her voice a lot. (I love that song, too!) The other Kim should've been long gone... And there are so many other Billy Joel songs that would have fit Josh's voice better. From the Piano Man album, there are a couple of songs that have a distinctive country music sound to them that would've suited Josh better (plus, Piano Man's been done to death, IMHO).

    Yeah, Ruben was "off" tonight; maybe he's coasting a little and he received good advice from the judges. Clay was brave to break away from his usual style, but I prefer ballads from him (same thing with Billy Joel's music-- not as crazy about his Rock 'n' Roll stuff.) I missed some of Trenyce's performance, so can't comment on it.

    Did anyone catch a commercial mentioning some special AI show-- the Monday after Easter maybe? I'll have to keep an eye out for it.
  8. by   Tweety
    (psst. back at ya! I think they decided to get rid of the threads that were many many many pages long. Russell made a post about it a few days ago. I think.)

    Speaking of, I bought Kelly Clarkson (sp?) CD which came out today and it's o.k. I wish her well.

    Carmen surely deserves the boot this week.

    Funny when Clay was singing I was thinking "he's not moving enough" a little dance would be nice. Then Paula said more or less the same thing.

    Kim L. was the best tonight. She was right on target in every way, looks, move, and of course voice.
  9. by   ChainedChaosRN
    I think Kim C, Carmen, and Josh definitely need to go. Sorry Josh...I feel so unpatriotic saying that. Clay was excellent...I think he was definitely on. Later in the evening the local newscast replayed his song...I was in the other room and it was powerful just hearing him without seeing him. Maybe Simon was on to something.

    Ruben wasn't at his best....but I have to say just looking at him makes me feel good inside. I think it's going to come down to Ruben and Clay and will be darn hard to pick.

    Also...Kim L and Trenyce both voices are unique...I'd buy their music in a heartbeat.
  10. by   SingingNurse2
    Thanks so much for the updates! I had to take the kids to tae kwon do and missed the show for the first time. I was about to go insane wondering what happened!

    I disagree about Clay dancing - it's just not his style. There are many great performers who don't dance - We don't need another boy band lookalike. I think Clay is great just how he is although I agree with Simon that he could tone down the facial expressions.

    I think he overemphasises his face because he had glasses for so long and you have to use larger expressions when you wear them. He's just not used to the contacts yet.

    Someone please post a breakdown of tonight since I will be at church. Thanks!
  11. by   nurs4kids
    I agree Kim L rocked tonight! I actually thought they ALL did well.

    I love clay's voice, but can't stand watching him..finally I agree with Simon.

    I can't see Clay beating out Reuben in the end, though. After last night, I COULD see Kim L beating him, though.
  12. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by SingingNurse2
    I disagree about Clay dancing - it's just not his style. There are many great performers who don't dance - We don't need another boy band lookalike.
    Then he should stick to ballads. I'm not talking boy band or Justin Timberlake or Usher dancing. But "Tell Her About It" by Billy Joel required a bit more than just standing there. He could have moved a little more and snapped his fingers a bit. Kim L. was into her song. She was the best. Although Clay is still awesome. I'm hoping those two make it to the end.
  13. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i didn't see it last night. i did hear on the news that many people here in a near by city are calling in for ruben and it has become a team effort at a gathering, 5,000 votes is the goal.
  14. by   nurs4kids
    Half our hospital has Reuben t'shirts. I haven't stepped that far into it..yet. I did vote for Reuben, just b/c I couldn't decide who I liked the best, so I just went with Reuben.