Am I the only one with this problem

  1. I hate my job. The only reason I stay is decent staffing. Management sucks they micromanage and nurses are nothing. The atmosphere is constantly tense staff do not get along and management fosters this. It is a very stressfull place to work but the pay is awsome though there are no bennies and staffing is half decent. Going to work makes me ill but yet I stay I feel trapped.
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  3. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    But I suspect there may be more to your question than just, am I the only one....

    How about some support to perhaps make that job a little less annoying?

    To your credit, you are able to find some positive things about the job--no doubt this is why we stay where we are basically unhappy. And we stay, believe it or not, because there is something we are getting out of the job that is enough to justify staying.

    Take a look and see if you can find more positive aspects about the job, and try to focus more on them. For example, do you enjoy your patients? That can be a big positive.

    Look and what, if anything, of the negative stuff you might do something about. You sound 1) frustrated with being micromanaged and 2) a bit isolated. Can you improve your working relationship with the MM's (micromanagers)? Someone may be MMing them, or they are uneasy about you (and the others too, but they'll have to fix their own issues!). If they feel more comfortable about you as an individual nurse, they will tend to direct their energies more in the direction of others--about whom they may still have some qualms.

    Lastly (and maybe this should be first, but I know it's the last thing I tend to look at myself--especially if the focus of the problem seems to be outside myself!), look at how your attitude is expressed. Do you get yourself in the mood where, at least at the start of the shift, you are friendly toward the people you work with? Or are you bugged enough by the job that by the time you are there you are someone they will have to handle with "kid gloves" or coddle to keep you from bringing them (more) down?

    If you are the sort of employee that walks around with a little happy aura around her (doesn't matter where you bring it from, so long as it is there), you will be happier--and that's what you want isn't it?

    At least until you can find something else that you can enjoy more.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   ktwlpn
    I am having one of those days,too....but when those days outnumber the good ones I am outta there....and I can honestly say that has not happened...I just hate the petty political bullsh*t....Nurses vs. aides---shift vs shift...aargh....One of our staff docs just became our new medical director and he is a pain in the arse-but the DON and ADON are the president and vice-president of his fan club so we just have to live with him....Tomorrow WILL be a better day....
  5. by   cannoli
    It could be worse, you could have the exact same environment and poor staffing! That sounds more like where I work, give me decent staffing any day!

    You can have the most positive attitude in the world, and two seconds with one of those witchs can bring you right down.