am I a dingbat?

  1. I bought 8 of a certain item because I had recieved an advertisment saying if you bought 8 you would get 4 dollars off. After the sale was complete I noticed the 4 dollars was not taken off. I asked the check out person about it and she said that special does not start till next week. So I went to service desk and returned them saying I would be back next week to buy them again. I could see the person who gave me my money back rolling their eyes. I don't really care, they can roll their eyes till they fall outa their heads. But tell me that is not a mistake that a lot of people make and I will admit that I am a dingbat.
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  3. by   cactus wren
    I`ve done it, too. So, if your a dingbat, so am I. Did you ask to talk to manager? I have sometimes talked them into giving me the sale price..

    Haven`t heard "dingbat" in ages !!!
  4. by   fab4fan
    Not in my opinion...a dingbat would have just said, "Oh, well..." and left with the stuff, paying full price.
  5. by   JedsMom
    I agree with Fab4, a dingbat would have just sucked it up, payed for it at full price and left. I kinda resemble that remark:imbar
    Wuss here
  6. by   oramar
    Archie Bunker used to say dingbat.
  7. by   Little One2
    Originally posted by JedsMom
    I agree with Fab4, a dingbat would have just sucked it up, payed for it at full price and left. I kinda resemble that remark:imbar
    Wuss here
    That is something I would of done. I probably wouldn't notice until I got. And then say'oh well'.

  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    you are NOT a dingbat!
  9. by   passing thru
    I agree with Fab 4. AND, if you take a few minutes to write the manager and complain about not making the terms-time limits of the sale clear and how you were treated rudely and NOW have to make a second trip to his store/ or could avoid his store in the future and tell all your friends in your church/exercise group/book club, etc. how badly the clerks made you though YOU had done something wrong, will most likely receive a return letter with an even better discount or all four items FREE !
    It is the stores' responsibility to make the terms of the sale obvious to the consumer. There are lots of consumer protection laws. If you ever EVEN feel compelled to utter the words "Consumer Protection Act" to a store manager, it causes them to break out in a cold sweat and hustle to amend their deficiencies.
    You're no dingbat......
  10. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, if the sale wasn't unitl next week, then why was the sign up? I hate when stores do that. Or they forget to take sale signs down so you think you're getting a deal and the item rings up at full price! Then they go back to check this out and tell you that the sale was over last week! So why are the fargin signs still up?
  11. by   NurseShell
    NOPE!!! not a dingbat!!

    I HATE it when that happens! I've made them take the items back themselves because it was their error not mine. They can roll their eyes all they want - they screwed up!! I have actually gone all the way back to a store before to return/get refund when they mess up on a sale item (of course I don't do this if we're talking less than a couple bucks). It's my money!! They need to be on their toes!! Or I won't be back.

    Hubby had a run in with a Radio Shack guy a few years back...the guy REFUSED to credit my husband account (paid with CC) because he didn't have the recipt (it was a Store brand item...couldn't have bought it anywhere else AND it was the same sales guy). The guy said he'd do it if we had the CC bill - since the item was purchased only 2 days before we had no CC bill yet and by the time we received that we would be out of the allowed return time frame. We're talking about a $20 item. After arguing for a while hubby tossed the item on the counter and informed the sales guy that he'd just lost a customer...haven't shopped there since.
  12. by   sanakruz
    No dingbat sightings out my way.
  13. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    No, you are not a ding-bat. Why are they advertising a special if it's not currently being offered?

    If those store employees think you are PIA, let them try being a nurse for a day, and see what kind of crap we have to put up with.
  14. by   MandyInMS
    Nooooo you're NOT a dingbat, and grrrrrrrrr@ nasty salespeople

    Think everybody has done that a time or 3..One time @ a local K-Mart i guess this lady had had enough...only 2 cashier lines open out of a zillion..this sweet looking lil old lady was a few folks ahead of me and the cashier was telling her a particular item was not on sale..the lady goes back in the store, rips down the sale sign which was right above that item and hands it to the cashier which still refuses to give it to her at that talk about one pissed off lil Granny!!she called her every un-christian name under the sun..left allll her stuff sitting right there for the cashier to put away...everyone stood there with their mouths gaped open.But as she was leaving the store we all broke out in applause!!! gooooo Granny go