Already tired of the media or how stupid can they be?

  1. How much longer will this war go on they ask. Did they miss the part about this likely taking years in the first addresses to the Nation? Hand-wringing over whether we should be bombing during Ramadan, after all we are going to offend the Muslims not only abroad but at home. Well whay! New Yorker magazine with an article saying that the first Rangers and Delta Force in actually did come under fire and maybe our special forces are not ready to handle this situation. I wondered if the fine journelist that wrote this is so stupid that he forgot that in war people get shot at. And that just maybe we didn't want to hand deliver a propoganda win to the Taliban. It is as if we have these powerful people who are giving us the message, we are going to fail. They go into this crap about feeling scared, anxious? Then go see a professional and get a pill for it! While as a nurse I think that mental illness should be treated, I think it is stupid to think that while our country has been attacked and one is not sure what is going to happen further that going and talking to someone you have to pay for the privilage of listening to you, and that taking a pill is going to make you feel oh so much better is an appropriate way of handling those feelings. Could try taking a page out of history and learning a thing or two from our grandparents who learned to sacrifice much during WWII. We could also learn a thing or two from the Brits who continued to live in London while it was bombed night after night, that British stiff upper lip is something to emulate.
    Failure is not an option. We are going to be at this a long time, quit harranging it to death every day. Hurt feelings is a lot better than thousands of dead Americans. And for the journalist that questions our special forces abilities maybe he could go there and talk these people to death! There has not been enough time to prove or disprove whether the special ops have the ability to do what they are trying to do. How stupid does one need to be to realize that if you parachute behind enemy lines you will likely come under enemy fire? Do these people have any clue whatsoever that in times of war it is prudent to watch what you tell your enemy?
    Heard this on NPR the other day on a program that is entirely satire, and it is very funny. Cutting to the capital steps where our correspondent Al Jazaerra is standing by.
    Al, what is the feeling in the Capital after the President rebuked members of Congress for leaking information that the news media should not have access to?
    I am trying to catch up with Congressman Lew Slips to get his opinion now.
    Congressman, congressman could you tell us your opinion on the President cutting the number of representatives from the war briefings citing information being leaked to the media?
    Well, honestly Al this took many of us by surprise. The President all but called us traitors!
    Congressman do you feel that information has been leaked to the media that should not have been?
    Honestly, I do not understand where the President is coming from on this Al. It isn't like we gave away secrets!
    Congressman that briefing paper your holding states that the Pentagon knows where bin Laden is! Can you tell us about that?
    AH, AH, this is just a paper regarding that President's economic stimulus package.
    But congressman it clearly states it is a briefing from the Pentagone on where bin Laden is hiding.
    Um, well that is from last week and has no bearing now.
    Congressman it has today's date on it.
    Um, well yes, so it has. Well honestly it is what you think it is, and now that we know that bin Laden's cave is 20.2 miles from Kandahar we have right in our sights! Isn't the technology we have fantastic! But don't tell anyone I told you this, OK? The general's are planning to hit him tonight with those smart bombs and send in special ops afterwards. Good plan don't you think?
    OK, back to the station with breaking news, this is Al Jazaerra at the Capital steps!

    This may not be as funny reading it as it was listening to it, but trust me I laughed out loud because it put into a little satire piece exactly how I have been feeling. Sometimes I would like to just bonk these idiots on the head.
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Isn't that the truth? I get so tired of the media stirring up hysteria and trying to get info that should not be broadcast just yet. It really frustrates me that some of the media are so willing to blab ANYTHING at all that they don't seem to care who or what they are putting in jeopardy from what they say.