Allnursesdotcom poetry (to go with theme song)

  1. Oh Nurse, Oh nurse
    What's wrong with that man???

    Oh Nurse Oh nurse
    Can you give me a pan???

    Oh Nurse, Oh nurse,
    Can you clean my back end???

    Oh nurse Oh nurse,
    Can you medicate me again???

    Can you whittle a cane?
    Could you please check my vein,
    I am having some pain
    whenever I blow in that thang.

    My roommate's too noisy,
    my bathroom's too small,
    I need a new bathrobe
    this floor smells like a stall.

    Fix my hair,
    Find my teeth,
    let my family visit til midnight,
    with my new baby neice.

    Give me shaving cream, toothpaste, bar soap and drugs---
    Do you know a good joke?
    Give me back rubs and sugar---
    Do you mind if I smoke?

    Bring me a pillow, water,
    sing me sweet songs
    I am so tired that I will listen along--

    Tuck me in,
    hold my hand,
    leave the light on please
    I need the call bell
    because I may have some new disease.

    Thank you nurse
    you have helped me tonight--
    please leave the door open a crack
    cuz I never know when I'll call you back.

    Oh Nurse:kiss
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  3. by   shygirl
    Oh nurse, oh nurse can you stay.
    Oh nurse, oh nurse do you want to play....... BINGO?
  4. by   adrienurse
    Oh do something! Do something!
    My taxes they pay you,
    Do something, do something!
    Ddn't you know I own you?

    Get up from that desk, your time in a wastin'
    Scratch my back!
    Fluff my pillows,
    My turky needs Bastin'

    Bow and then curtsy,
    And do it all with a smile.
    Sit there, entertain me,
    It might take a while.

    Drop your charts,
    Drop that patient,
    and please bandage my toe,
    Take me piggy-back to x-ray,
    You should thank me, you know!