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  1. Okay, enough with the doom and gloom........there are deep purple wildflowers on the south side of my house and my blue hydrangea is beginning to sprout leaves again, so spring can't be too far behind

    What came to mind just now as I was reading another thread was some of the funny things that have happened on the job over the course of my working lifetime. I thought back to the wild days of youth when I worked in a printed-circuit board factory, whose owner not only allowed, but actually sponsored, beer and pot parties on Friday afternoons. (Well, this *was* back in the late '70s.....) Of course, being a party girl at the time, I loved working there, even if there wasn't enough in the actual WORK to keep the mind occupied.

    Which was why, one long, hot afternoon, my mind was wandering and suddenly hit upon the idea of spiking the water cooler with vodka. A quick conference with my co-workers confirmed that this was, in fact, a brilliant idea; that evening after work the vodka was purchased, and I came in early the next morning to do the deed. Now, it's not easy upending an entire 5-gallon-sized water bottle, but with the assistance of a male co-worker who was in on our little scheme, I poured in the booze and replaced the jug on the dispenser.

    Horror of horrors, the plant's biggest customer just happened to come in that day to check on his latest order........a batch of some 5000 boards with which we'd had nothing but trouble during the entire production cycle. And that was when we were SOBER. By the middle of the afternoon, however, half the workers were tipsy from repeated trips to the water cooler, and some of us downright giddy. Now, as mentioned before, the boss was a firm believer in partying when the time was right.......but this was definitely NOT the right time, and he had no idea what we'd done or why we were doing stupid things like dropping entire racks of this customer's boards practically on his feet, or silk-screening them upside-down, or generally acting like blithering idiots.

    Well, it took him only one sip of the adulterated H20 to know what our problem was.......and was he PISSED! After the customer left, he rounded up everyone and began yelling at us, demanding to know who had spiked the water cooler and threatening to fire everybody. Fortunately for me, I was the last employee he would've suspected.....I drank as much as everyone else when we had those Friday-afternoon beer bashes, but I was also one of the hardest workers he had. My other saving grace was having half the plant in cahoots with me......nobody was willing to give me up, because I could've just as easily named everyone else who was in on it and we'd ALL have gotten fired.

    He never did find out who did it, either. Now, looking back at that near-disastrous prank, I wonder how the hell I got away with it. Of course, I would NEVER do anything like that now........although I have been known to emit a snicker or two whenever someone (can't imagine who) puts a huge fake spider in the 21-year-old's shoe, or sneaks up the stairs and dumps a bucket of snow all over my husband as he emerges from the bathroom to avenge a slushball upside the head 20 years ago!

    So, what are some of YOUR funniest pranks and practical jokes? Let's forget about the late-winter blues for awhile and share some funny stories!
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  3. by   bunrab
    sneaking into a friends garage to lift and turn their vw bug 90 degrees so that it was now sideways in the garage.

    tying a blowup doll to the steering wheel AND to the two front doors and then locking the car doors so that even with the key, it couldn't be opened w/o calling the police to unlock the back door with a slim jim. and did i mention that the doll was tied up in such a fashion that he appeared to be performing oral sex on himself? and that the car owner at an ibm seminar at the time, so a lot of other ibm-ers got to see the doll.
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Not really a practical joke or prank, but me and the charge nurse were discussing having a life and being a student yeah really the two don't mix). He said that the first 2 years in school he partied hard every single night, getting plastered, and "managed to keep a 3.0". My reply was "Grade point average or blood alcohol level?" The laughter from everyone was deafning.
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Oh yes. One of the chairs at work has only 4 wheels instead of 5, and people are constantly switching that chair as a joke. Put the broke part towards the back, and someone sits down, leans back, tilts back far enough that they think they're falling backwards, so their reaction is hilarious. It also just lowers itself VERY quickly out of blue which scres the crap out of people.
  6. by   Renee' Y-Y
    A male nurse I used to work with got ketchup/mustard packets...folded them in half & put them under the toilet seat. The worst nurse with the worst attitude in the unit was the "lucky" one on the seat. Ruined her white scrub pants...wish I could have been there...of everyone in the unit, she definitely was the most deserving.
  7. by   VivaLasViejas
    Quote from LPN2Be2004
    Oh yes. One of the chairs at work has only 4 wheels instead of 5, and people are constantly switching that chair as a joke. Put the broke part towards the back, and someone sits down, leans back, tilts back far enough that they think they're falling backwards, so their reaction is hilarious. It also just lowers itself VERY quickly out of blue which scres the crap out of people.
    You mean we're not the only hospital that has one of those chairs??!
  8. by   kc ccurn
    I was watching a co workers pt for him while he was at breakfast. Myself and B decided to play a little joke on T and took a sputum trap (one that traps sputum when you suction a vented patient) and placed a little bit of coffee, yogurt and one of those strings from a banana and mixed it all up.

    When T got back from break we showed it to him and told him we had sxn'd it from his patient. He was pretty impressed at the lg amt of 'thick tan colored sputum' we had sxn'd. We then started guessing what it would grow when cultured. B asked me what I thought, I said I don't know let's smell it and see what it smells like, so we opened the top and took a sniff. I told T that I didn't know what it smelled like, I wonder what it tasted like. Then I dipped my finger in it and took a taste.

    T turned pale pasty white with his eyes and mouth wide open. We all about peed our pants laughing so hard.

    Later that am one of our favorite pulmonologists came by, we did the same scenario to him. When I tasted the 'sputum' he was so shocked he fell out of his chair and had a look on his face that I will never forget.
  9. by   gwenith
    Let me see - fake vomit on the floor for the cleaner........ Ummmm a toy that "squawked" suddenly at sudden noises hidden behind the desk...... ECG gel of the ear piece of the phone...... Gentian violet in the spray cleaner of that same poor cleaner - she was wondering why the mirrors looked lavender.....

    But I cannot repeat cannot beat my brother. A co-worker of his was complaining about the pin holes in her drink straw just under the top. Imagine sucking and sucking and wondering what was wrong. A post - it note inside the co-worker's sandwich.

    He has a long time friend B who shares a birthday and each year there HAS to be a practical joke. One year they got his car keys and wired the windscreen water squirter to a tube that ran under the dashboard and out under the steering wheel and hooked that up into the ignition key. B got into his car turned the ignition on and ended up with a wet crotch - worse - this was at work and HE owned the store.
  10. by   VivaLasViejas

    Reminds me of what a few of my aides did when I was a new charge nurse in the nursing home.....they brought me a Depends that was just loaded with this gawdawful dark-brown mess that I thought, of course, was diarrhea from one of the residents. Then one of 'em dipped a finger in the middle of it and, to my horror, scooped out a fingerful and put it in her mouth!! I thought I was gonna puke right there on the spot.......until she stuck the diaper practically under my nose and I smelled a most un-poop-like aroma. Turned out it was brownie mix!! :chuckle
  11. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Surgilube on the phone will be a great idea for April 1st.
  12. by   VivaLasViejas
    Ewwww. Come to think of it, I think I still have a little container my kids gave me a while back of this substance called Gunk or Super Goo.....anyway, this stuff looks like, feels like, and is even the color of snot. :uhoh21: Best of all, you can use small blobs of it in some of the coolest places: on a co-worker's desk.......a doorknob........the edge of a glass.......the dinner table........!
  13. by   Rustyhammer
    We had a (male) dietary director who was a, well he was a PIG with any woman he'd come across. Saying the most rude things that I'll leave to your imagination.
    Someone took a picture of him and posted it on this "Bi-Curious" website complete with his full name, address and home phone number and a statement that he would answer all correspondence. Oh yeah, the work e-mail addy too.
    He has since toned down his evil ways.
  14. by   VivaLasViejas
    What a fitting revenge.

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