allergic to what?!

  1. so for the past couple of evenings i have broken out in a rash/hives. since i didn't work those two days i figured that it had something to do with allergies in the house...well last night i worked and they came back. they were huge and were every where and my eye was starting to swell shut. my fiance took me to the er, and the doc told me he thought i was having an allergic reaction to my period?!
    now that i can really think about when all this started, i began itching last thursday at work. but i didn't notice any rash or hives. sunday evening is when those lovely things cropped up. i haven't changed laundry detergent, soap, deodorant, eaten any new or unusual foods or anything like that. and i did start my period on saturday. the doc said that because it is so wide spread that he doubts it is a contact thing...that it is coming from something internal.
    the er gave me iv benadryl and decadron and sent me home with scripts for benadryl and a medrol dose pack. i see my pcp tomorrow....
    it is miserable. i don't remember itching this bad when i had the chicken pox...i even had two black eyes last night...doc said they happen with severe allergic reactions. have you guys ever heard of something like this? as always your feedback is greatly appreciated!:kiss
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  3. by   prn nurse
    and Weirder.
    I don't know..........I know severe stress can cause a hives breakout.

    I'd probably go the second opinion route with the best adult allergist I could find.
    hehe... are you pregnant?

    OK, when I was younger, about the time those pubescent changes started occurring, I kept breaking out in these terrible hives repeatedly over a 1-2 week period. Many ER trips later, both by my mom's car and ambulance, and many epi shots later, the best they could come up with was peanut butter

    What? I LOVE peanut butter!

    So, for years I went without my beloved peanut butter. Until I started sneaking it as an invincible teenager. No reaction. No nothing!

    Until I was 18, and newly pregnant. Guess what? Hives, wheezing, the whole drill again. After some more epi, and a long discussion, doc thought it might be something hormonal???

    Whatever. It hasn't happened since, and I eat peanut butter on a regular basis!

    So, long story short... are you pregnant?

    This is why I keep telling my doc I want a tubal... cause I'm allergic to being pregnant!

  5. by   shannonRN
    nope, not pregnant.
    Then you're a freak?

    LOL... just kidding! I hope you figure out what it is soon. I know how terrible it is to have this keep happening and not know what's causing it!

    What about shampoo, conditioner, lotion? Did you eat any different foods? New toilet paper or feminine products?

  7. by   renerian
    I have not heard of that but hey anything is possible. I hate itching too! Drives me nuts!

  8. by   renerian
    Hey do you have any itching around your mouth? I was diagnosed with allergic asthma in my 20s and am allergic to dogs, cats, bird, dust, mold , grass, trees, PCN and Versed. Never had a problem then one day wham............

    You may have developed something. Are you living in an old house? I was allergic to my house and had to sell it...was over 90 years old..........and was also allergic to cockroaches....


  9. by   renerian
    Your textbook...........get allergy tested..........they stick you on the arms and back......I have over 80 tests and came back with many allergies. Get a referral for an allergy/asthma doc.

  10. by   shannonRN
    yup, just a freak but aren't we all?
    i have no significant history, no problems with allergies. i haven't used any new products or eaten new foods...i'm at a complete loss. the itching is mainly my legs, back, and stomach. occassionally it will go to my arms and feet. last night was the first time that it spread to my face.

    thanks for the advice and please keep it coming...can't wait to talk to my pcp tomorrow.
  11. by   Beach_RN
    Over the last couple of years I developed a horribile looking rash on my legs, arms, stomach, it looked like ring worm, they were large roundish type scabs.... I went to doctor after doctor,,, everybody said dry skin, it' the hot showers you take.... put some lotion on..... Well last year it got so bad, I was unable to show my legs or arms, I finally went to an allergist.....

    Long story short, I all of sudden became allergic to thermisal... or something like that I haven't written down somewhere........ Anyhow, that thermisal is in my contact lense solution and my Lancome mascara.. and I had been using these products for over 20 yrs.....everytime I rubbed my eyes and then touched my legs , arms or stomach.... my skin would come in contact with it thus creating the rash! I switch products.... has never happened again!
  12. by   researchrabbit
    I had a huge allergic reaction to a guinea pig (had handled it often before with no problems) -- even had a huge blister on my eyeball! Scary!
  13. by   cactus wren
    -You can suddenly become allergic to something you`ve never had trouble with before, I agree, need to see allergist. Another somewhat scary thought..... I work with a gal that has bouts of idiopathic pupera........has had every test under the sun.......She will have just a few pesky spots of hives, or she can swell up like a toad, eith welts all over.......has suffered with this for many, many years. So, we`ll hope for a new allergy to a often used product. And even though you say you haven`t changed stuff, sometimes the manufactures will make a change and not tell.. Years age,my favorite laundfy soap started giving the entire family hives, had to rewash everything.....called the manufacture......way before internet........( now, how did we get by without this ?), and they fessed up had made"small" change in product, slight adjustment in the scent.......was all it took
  14. by   NRSKarenRN
    You are having an allergic reaction POSSIBLY to latex.....any recent hanky panky while off ???

    Have seen this happen...each exposure increases in severity of symptoms. Call an allergist STAT in the morning, make sure benadryl in the home bUT DON"T TAKE untill allergy testing done unless severe symptoms occur as benadryl masks allergy testing serums response.

    Please take this advice seriously from long time allergy suffer and Resp RN...intubation not fun.

    Latex Allergy website from Cleveland Clinic: