All Dog Lovers....what Do You Think About This???

  1. RSPCA mix-up hounds owners!

    ALL Steve Richards wanted for Christmas was a kiss on the cheek from his beloved kelpie cross, Buckley.

    Instead the 47-year-old sales representative spent the holiday grieving over a series of misunderstandings that may mean he never sees Buckley again.
    In the 18 months they were together, Steve and Buckley became the closest of mates. The dog had the run of Steve's 86ha property in King Valley, 40km south of Wangaratta, but now she is confined to a house as the companion of an elderly man.

    The saga began on December 13, when Buckley was seized by a dog catcher outside the Richards' property. She had been playing with the neighbours' children before they caught the bus to school.

    Nobody saw the dog catcher take Buckley away. So for an agonising week Steve, his wife Donna, 45, and their neighbours, scoured the district, fearing she had been bitten by a snake.

    Then, a week after she disappeared, an advertisement from the RSPCA appeared in the Wangaratta Chronicle, seeking a new home for a kelpie-shorthaired retriever cross.

    A neighbour who noticed the ad phoned the RSPCA and left an urgent message on the recorder, but nothing was heard over the following weekend.

    When Steve phoned on Monday morning an RSPCA employee said she had just found a home for Buckley, with an elderly man.

    The employee said she had not had time to check the weekend's recorded messages.

    Steve and Donna asked the RSPCA to put them in touch with the new "owner".

    But because of legally binding confidentiality clauses, the RSPCA was unable to do so.

    "So we asked them to pass on a message to the elderly gentleman," Donna told the Sunday Herald Sun.

    "We said we would reimburse him the money he paid the RSPCA, plus buy him any breed of dog he wanted, and deliver it to him if we could just have Buckley back."

    But the RSPCA em ployee rang back to say she had contacted the elderly man's family to pass on the offer, but they had refused and become abusive.

    "I really can't understand their attitude," Donna said.

    "The gentleman has had Buckley for about four days, so it's not as if he could have become attached to her."

    Donna said Steve had acquired Buckley 18 months ago from a workmate.

    "He called her Buckley because he didn't think I would allow him to keep her -- she had Buckley's chance.

    "The second reason is we are both big Collingwood fans. So we named her after Nathan."

    Ray Lord, media spokesman for the RSPCA in Melbourne, said: "We are well aware of the situation, and must emphasise that the Wangaratta shelter has acted totally in accord with the rules of practice.

    "Buckley had no micro-chip or registration, so we were unable to trace her owners.

    "Despite all this, we will do what we can next week."

    In the doghouse: Buckley has found herself the centre of an ownership dispute.

    NB: This dog is still with the new may now go to court, and many readers of the local paper have so far funded this to the tune of up to AUD10,000!
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  3. by   JenKatt
    That blows. I worry about my beagles, since they are so friendly. Our base offers free micro-chip placement. I guess I'll be bringing my babies in for it..

    What a bastard (the 2nd "owner")
  4. by   OzNurse69
    Ok, a few points here (disregarding the fact that the dog was probably happier on a large property than in a small yard)....

    1/ Anyone who has a dog with no ID on them is irresponsible, as well as breaking local laws, b/c the council registration tags have ID no's on them which allow them to identify the owner;

    2/ Anyone who allows their dog to roam outside their yard is irresponsible;

    3/ The RSPCA dog-catchers don't just drive around looking for dogs to pick up, they act following complaints about nuisance/stray dogs, therefore someone must have complained in order for them to be there.

    Therefore, the person who lost this dog was an irresponsible dog owner who was breaking the local law, and while the dog may deserve his home, the owner certainly doesn't deserve to own a dog......

    ......sorry if I sound a bit OTT, but I work voluntarily for the RSPCA, & the number of stupid people around who shouldn't be pet owners really gets my goat sometimes.....

    .....I'll just go now!!
  5. by   OzNurse69
    Oh, and another thing....why did it take them over a week to phone the RSPCA about their missing dog? If they had called on day one, when the dog was first discovered to be missing, then when the dog answering that description was brought in, the RSPCA would have phoned the owner first....sounds like they are just plain dumb....
    While I do LOVE dogs, and it would break my heart if the same thing were happening to me, and the new owner is being a bit persnickity about the whole thing.... what OzNurse says is true. If I lost my dog, I'd be on the phone immediately, plastering posters, talking to neighbors, etc. And that's beside the fact that that little Jack Russel has numerous ID's that probably weigh more than him hanging around his neck.

  7. by   bewbew
    That was actually my first thought.........why on earth would you not register and ID your dog? My cat has idea, is registered AND has a tattoo in his ear indiacting a microchip........
    Still........I just feel so sad for that poor doggie!
  8. by   thatldo
    Yep, I'll have to agree w/above posts. I'd be panicking the moment I noticed that my dog was missing. They sound like the irresponsible pet owner to me. Had a neighbor once, whose dog was missing, they didn't put up signs, put an add in the paper or anything! I think that's disgusting. Our loyal pets deserve better!

    "This is Bob Barker reminding you to help control the pet population, have your pet spayed or neutered."
  9. by   Rohb
    Wow,poor doggie.I love dogs and I'll go nuts if I find my FOXXY TERRIER gone missing.Buckley deserve a good owner.

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  10. by   emily_mom
    I agree with Oz also. While it tugs at your heart strings, you need to look at the real issues behind it. Well said, Oz....

  11. by   Tookie
    Yes l agree with the above - but this guy haas been offered heaps by the owners and other people - what is so bad is that the RSPCA has come out of it so badly - people are now saying - wont give them amy money

    I just wish the guy would swallow his pride give him back (then he can sell his story and come out the good guy) - am l being cynical

    wish l could spell
  12. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I have never heard of microchips for pet id's.... I can agree with both sides, but I have to go with the original dog owner here. I don't think it should matter that for whatever reason the dog didn't have an ID. Ultimately, he found his pet, and deserves to have her back. I think if they "asked" the doggie, she'd agree. WHy don't they let her decide?
  13. by   Ortho_RN
    I do agree about the irresponsbible parts.. But the dog should go back to its rightful owner... And I have a feeling if it goes to court and the original owner can provide proof that it was there dog... Then I am pretty sure they will give it back....

    Not everyone puts the microchip in there pets.. You can easily put a collar on the dog with his name...
  14. by   Aussienurse2
    Oh come on, they live way out in woop-woop and how many country people do you know actually have their dogs chipped? The pound people DO go looking for dogs, they don't rely on calls from neighbours. We once got a letter from the pound telling us that they'd put Hooch back into our yard and shut the gate and sent us a fine for the time it took. Hooch was a large German Shep. I doubt any one would be dumb enought to get within coee, he was not out of the yard ( we were home) the day it happened the kids ran upstairs after the fact and said that some lady had given them a new dog! ( Oh happy day!) It was the neighbours dog! But she still swore blind that it was ours even after the owners came forward and told her it was theirs!

    Luckily ( for the pound chick) the neighbours saw the funny side of it, did I mention the dog was Dobie? She still has here job and Hooch was tagged and chipped! as was the other dog, so tell me how good the RSPCA is and how this dog deserves to be locked away from loving and caring owners! Not that I'm still bitter or anything.....