Aliens (ET) won't make crop circles in genetically modified crops

  1. A little light-hearted reading from the current events library. . .

    "In my spare time, I channel messages from alien beings," said Uranus, "and from what I've been hearing, these guys have got some serious reservations about what we're doing down here. One of them told me he's even thinking of using another planet for his artwork.

    According to Uranus, one shape-shifting lizard said: "The long-term effects of these 'frankenstein crops' are just so uncertain. Let's face it, it's not natural. And after the rigours of crossing many light years of space in order to leave some pretty patterns in your fields, we'd rather not take that extra risk."

    Of course, in other news on the same site: "US plans to invade space - "The empty vastness of the universe must be made safe for democracy," says US President. The WH was also quoted as saying, "It's OURS! We got there first. So, there!"

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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    those lizards better watch their steps here in louisiana, a place noted for an appitite for crawfish, nutria, coons, possum etc etc
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