Airport Security Solution

  1. Posting from a Florence Project e-mail with permission. Karen

    OK .... here's my idea

    #1 - More than 50% of the RNs in the USA do not work as RNs because the working conditions suck.

    #2 - Airport security is in trouble because you can't expect $7/hr, former McDonalds employees to be conscientious about their jobs.

    #3 - RNs are professional, autonomous & accountable. They have to be or else they lose their license and their livelihood.

    Therefore ...... Hire RNs to oversee all security checkpoints in the airport. The job will done meticulously! No one will get past without a thorough search. The guidelines will be followed to the letter and the nurse will be under the same threat of malpractice that they are when they work in the hospital. There are plenty of RNs that are willing to come back to work if the working conditions are better.

    ALSO the hospitals might begin to understand why they can't hire any RNs for $40,000 - $50,000 per year.

    Chuck Griffin, RN

    PS, You are welcome to forward this to whomever you like (senators, congressmen, the President .... anyone )
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  3. by   fergus51
    Love it Karen!