Aid for the Airlines Ticks me off

  1. Maybe someone can shed some light on why the US Government is so willing to give millions of dollars to "make the airlines whole" again. Aren't they the ones who let known militants carrying knives on the planes to begin with? Aren't they the ones who pay their employees minimum wage and expect them to perform as professionals? Has there been a public apology from either American or United Airlines and I've just missed it? I know our country's economy is largely dependant on the airline industry, but I can't help be think that any company with security THAT flawed - even allowing men with weapons permission to board a plane hours after airports were re-opened - well, they shouldn't be in business anyway. And Good Lord, is it too much to ask that they apologize for their (HUGE) part in allowing armed terrorists on their planes in the first place?? My intent is not to point fingers here, I realize this tragedy is a culmination of many national security breaches, I just don't agree that taxpayers should have to reimburse their losses. These airlines were full aware of their security weaknesses and did nothing about it. Now thousands of lives are lost and they don't think they should suffer the consequences of their inaction? Makes no sense to me.
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  3. by   Tiara
    I tend to agree. These lapses in airport security have been known for some time now. The Boston Herald came out with information about Logan Airport and the many problems they have had with security over the years. I do not believe any apologies have been issued - only whining about money.
  4. by   nilepoc
    Also, what kind of operation runs on the cusp like this. Four days of inactivity killed the entire industry?

    So how do they stay in business anyway if their margin is so tight?

    hmmmm, they must run airlines like hospitals.
  5. by   KC CHICK
    Yes, I agree that the airlines should have been more aggressive in their security measures. There is absolutely no question about that. However, they lost big $$$$$$$$ when their planes were not allowed to fly..... and with everyone's unwillingness to fly now. Unfortunately, if the airlines go bankrupt, it's the employees and their families that suffer.
    Here in KC we have a TWA overhaul base that is one of the staples in our economy. They employ ALOT of people. Now I don't know if TWA is having probs right now, but there are overhaul bases for all the airlines, that are having financial problems, somewhere. If these go down, the main income for many families would be gone, as well as the spending from those families....which can affect the economies in those cities....maybe even all of our economies. Not to mention how many ticket agents and flight attendants that would be out of cousin happens to be a flight attendant for United.
    So really, there's much more to the BIG picture than just "bailing out a failing company". They are saving the jobs of hundreds, maybe thousands, of everyday American citizens.

    I do believe that the government should be running the show...millitary for security is a big one. There should definately be stringent background checks on all employess...which there probly has not been. It has been made apparent by the airlines over the years that they have not been able to properly manage themselves, but I don't believe that jobs should be sacrificed as a result of their mistakes.
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  6. by   nurs4kids
    It's not just the airlines. Now hotels and tourist attractions are crying..ready to eat the cash crop. Airlines were hurting BEFORE this happened. As for the rest, guess what??? It's the end of tourist season, happens every year this time. Sad thing is..they'll all get relief funds. Funds paid out of poor american's pockets.
  7. by   Q.
    I don't know how I feel about the gov assisting the airlines. I know they were on the brink of bankruptcy before this happened, and I do know they are suffering a huge hit as a result of this 9-11 incident. Las Vegas (my playground) already reported a 60% loss in revenue this past week.

    I am a opportunist, and I love to travel. I anticipate a huge drop in the airline ticket prices, as well as hotel prices, and I plan to take advantage of that. I already looked at United's rates and so far, they are pretty good, not dirt cheap yet, but they will be.

    The only thing is I would fear that if the airlines WOULD fold, that may put a major dent in our already recession-heading economy. Remember, the economy is something like 70% driven by public perception.
  8. by   Stargazer
    I work in the travel industry, and am also from Seattle, where Boeing employees were just told last night that 20,000 to 30,000 of them would be laid off by the end of next year due to the airlines' downsizing and cancelling plane orders. This is going to heavily impact our local economy, and not for the better. The Today show reported that 42% of Vegas hotel rooms are empty. Some of New York's largest hotels are closing down entire floors, restaurants and lounges.

    My company's losses were in the tens of millions last week alone. The impact of the airlines' problems, unfortunately, has a HUGE ripple effect on many other industries and jobs.

    Am I happy about bailing out the airlines? No. I think NurseStudent has a point in that airlines have done a horrible job of providing for our safety. (But you know what? We shouldn't have left it up to them in the first place--it should've been government-regulated, like every other damn country in the world. ) However, I think a bailout is going to be necessary to minimize the effect on the country's economy and help prevent us from sliding into a full-scale recession.
  9. by   eventsnyc
    The economy of this country had been taking a nose dive ever since the Fed tried to kill the "overheating" of the economy, it tried to bring the market to a "soft landing", by raising interest rates a few times.

    As a result:
    Stock/fund values dropped.
    Spending curbed.
    Companies down-sized, merged...
    Effects were felt in most sectors.
    Many people's 401K that hold stocks or funds have become 201K or less!

    Prior the the wtc tragedy, most industries were already having big problems and had issued endless profit warnings. Many had speculated that a recession was at hand...

    The Fed did not expect the landing to became a rough one instead. The subsequent rate cuts in the past few months were unable to rescue the economy.

    The shrinking of the number of travellers, coupled with the shrinkage of the stock value of the travel / hospitality industries, may actually kill the companies, if they are not bailed out quickly and soon.

    A country needs airlines. And, yes, I agree with all of you: we need more secured airlines. More security translates into more out going.

    Airlines are directly related to many of other industries: entertainment, name a few. Big need to bail them out.

    That's why it's so important for the City of NY and the whole country / world to attain normalcy as early as possible.

    Simply putting up a bailing package is not enough. We need to slim down the unnecessary outgoings. Some are talking about cutting the fat paychecks of the ceos.

    The rescued airlines need passengers. We all need to do our best to support our businesses. to do our little part to bail out all industries.

    Our Mayor have been urging us to patronize our businesses to help them to get back on their feet very soon.

    Best wishes,
    Who misses the over heating economy of the yesteryear
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  10. by   3651bht
    You want to lie down your life for the govenment that wants to bail out its airline industry.... Luckily, human beings only have two sides to their mouths......

    May the sun shine brightly, in peace, on you and may the wind be always at your back.....
  11. by   Stargazer
    I'm sorry to be obtuse, but I don't have the faintest idea what your point is re: this topic. Would you be so kind as to clarify? Thanks!
  12. by   Q.

    I absolutely LOVE your posts! I think people always leave asking themselves.."gee, was I just offended?" You seem to be able to make your point so......graciously. I wish I had your demeanor.

    And to 365.....
    If you don't like your current government - then get off your butt and VOTE! Or better yet, Canada is just a drive away.....

    See Stargazer, I just don't possess the poise that you do.
  13. by   eventsnyc
    SusyK & Star, I like the posts from you both.

    Cannot decode 3651's post. Need help here.

    Best wishes, Christina
  14. by   Stargazer
    Gee, thanks, Susy! (and eventsync--I always enjoy your posts too). It's a gift, what can I say?

    Basically, I am just a big ol' non-confrontational weenie. Even in such a relatively anonymous setting, if people said really mean things to me, it would hurt my feelings. Which is why I mostly stay out of the discussions that turn into huge slugfests. And it's why I almost never get into political discussions with you. So I settle for confusing and distracting people with excessive verbosity.

    But, see, I admire your persistence and refusal to back down when people are going after you. So maybe we can learn from each other.

    Topic? Uhhh--something about airlines, wasn't it?
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