1. when some of us post, it sounds like some are very old. what age are you and what age do you consider to be old?

    i am 41 (42 on the 21st). to me, over 70 is old but there are some this age and a few older ones who looks well and they are still very much active.

    how long have you been in nursing? is this why you feel like you (those who say it) are old? just curious?

    i have been a nurse for 10 years and 10 months. i do use the term old at times, but i really don't feel old. i know there are somethings that i used to do in my 30's and trying to do them now is a task at times, but i still play base and basketball, volley ball, ride my bike, walk, dance with the children, love to laugh, etc. and try to keep a positive attitude for the most part. i know there may be health problems that keeps us from doing certain things too... here again, i am curious?

    maybe it is the age of our children that says to us, and i am guilty of this too at times, saying that we are old...i know at a certain age, we need to "grow up" about certain things but staying youthful is a choice if only in spirit.

    how many children do you have and how old are they?

    i have 3 children and they are 22, 15, and 13.

    care to share? thanks!
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  3. by   debralynn
    I will be 43 later this month! I have two children, son 19, daughter 14. I am just starting my nursing school adventure!(LPN School). I am planning on going straight to RN school afterwards! I use to think 70 was old, but when I look at my parents who are 72 and 70 and they still work(they clean a business 3 times a week), mow their yard, help their 4 daughter do various things, (wallpaper, projects, etc.) well 70 doesn't seem so old to me anymore! To me you're not old until you cant get around anymore, you have lost your memory, you have no control over anything to do with your body, and you only seem to be taking up space waiting to die. I hope and pray somedays that I have many, many more years to come!!!!
  4. by   jennyej
    I am 24 but feel like I am 80. I am a pre-nursong student. I only have fur children but right now that is enough for me.
  5. by   Ted
    I'm 42 . . . going on 19 . . . sometimes going on 91. . . .


  6. by   Hidi74
    Hi there!!! I am 28 Feel like 82...hehe... I am working on my pre reqs in school. Plan on being a great RN. No kiddos or husband yet. Is that good or bad???? Can't tell

    Hidi74 Future RNangel:roll
  7. by   nursegoodguy
    I'm 40. I felt younger before I broke 3 vertebra and now... Eeee! I guess if I think about it I feel ready for a rocker!
    When I'm on this board with all my BEST BUDS I feel as young as ever!
  8. by   RNinICU
    I am 50, and I do not feel old. I am healthy and active, and can still do all the things I did when I was 30. And I like myself much better than I did when I was younger. As I grow older, I become wiser, calmer, and gain character. What's not to like about gaining all of that?
  9. by   KC CHICK
    29 this month....08/28. Then, countdown to THIRTY!
    My hubby is a year younger.....gee, do you think he rubs it in??

  10. by   bagladyrn
    Will be 48 this month and don't feel old yet (except maybe my feet at the end of a rough shift). In fact, my boys learned that the fastest way to get mom to do something is to suggest that "maybe she's too old for that..."
    I've noticed that when my parents ,73 and 78, refer to "the old people", they are referring to those in their retirement community of about 90!
  11. by   bassbird
    I'll be 44 next month, been married for 22 years this October and have no kids but 2 cats.

    I remember being a kid and thinking 30! Now I would have to say old is ~80. I have to say that I do like being in my 40's. It's kind of fun being a old new grad. :chuckle I guess I'll always be a bit of a kid at heart though.
  12. by   RNinICU
    Originally posted by KC CHICK
    29 this month....08/28. Then, countdown to THIRTY!
    My hubby is a year younger.....gee, do you think he rubs it in??

    You were born the same day as my daughter!!:kiss
  13. by   nakitamoon
    46,,,, October 19th,,,,
    Liked my 30's better than my 20's,,,,, and love my 40's more than my 30's,,,,,,,,

    I am healther than I have ever been,,,,, Somedays tired & stressed,,,,,, on paxil,,,,,

    Work out 5 days week,,,,, 3 high 3 low impact,,,,,, Some days feel every thing I've ever done to myself, in the past,,,, but also feel age is a state of mind,,,,,

    Don't guess ppls ages,,,, would never get it right,,,, Think ppl who enjoy life,,,, the things that are important to them,,,,, they cherish,,, active,,,,,, happy,,,, they are years younger than the oppisite,,,,, ~Moon

    p.s. became a nurse at 36,,,,, second career,,,,,,,
  14. by   aus nurse
    37 and been nursing for 19 years (includes my hospital training)

    Feel the best I ever 30's ROCK...way better than teens and 20's.......roll on the 40's I say

    One child...11 year old boy.......soon realised one was all I could handle (making it up as I go along lol)
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