Again I'm Reminded Why I Am A Nurse

  1. I have never posted here. I have read many of yours though. Love this site. I wanted to share a card i recieved at work today. It is from an employee who is on a medical leave, she hurt her back at work 4 months ago. she came to our christmas party last month, you could tell she was a lot of pain. she tried not to let it show. She is one of the most caring, sweetest STNA's I know. I admire her. Well I recieved a card from her today. She wanted to thank me for helping her out to her truck after the christmas party. She said she was embarrassed for needing help,embarrassed about how she looked and walked. SHe said she was so happy i was there to help her and make her feel good about herself. She said I am one of the most caring people she knows..Brought tears to my eyes...And reminded me how much I love helping people....thanks for listen to me ramble...... :kiss
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  3. by   dianah
    Good for you, good for her for saying something to you! Know what you mean; I had two patients last Thurs. who said the same: You guys are SO NICE, and just take such good care of me. I would never go to another hospital (and believe me, I've been to others). They didn't just comment on our dept (Xray), but on PACU (Recovery room) too. THAT is nice to hear. Kudos to you! -- D
  4. by   Tweety
    That's great! It's always nice to get positive feedback from patients for a change.