African-Americans struggle with race of sniper suspects...

  1. African-American communities around the country seem to be strugglng with the fact that the suspects are Black causing more negativism towards a race that already has negativity on their side...Mental Illness is NOT prejudice. It strikes people of ALL races, of any sex, of any creed, and at any given time. Everyone expected this person to be of Caucasian decent because that is the norm. Yet some refuse to believe that the suspects are African-American and they have the wrong people saying, "Oh here we it on the Black man!" or "It's discrimination as usual." Whatever your belief, the evidence points to these two suspects. Anyone have an opinion?
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  3. by   fergus51
    I don't know why people would feel that the actions of one or 2 black people would reflect on an entire race. I am disgusted by white murderers and black ones alike. Not because they are white or black, but because they are murderers. I certainly don't worry about what other white people are doing and don't think of their actions as a reflection on me. It's not like these 2 were the first black men to have killed some people anyways. I don't know why they would bring up this kind of feeling if other black murderers haven't.
  4. by   nursegoodguy
    I will say that when I first heard about it I thought, "a black man?"
    This is so hard... one minute you think you know what you believe as far as the death penalty goes, I mean I don't want to see anyone put to death but my god...
    If it is proven that this person is the sniper then I don't care what color he is, He needs to FRY and hopefully it will happen in a speedy way!
  5. by   karenG
    em does colour matter when comes to actions? if the evidence is that they killed- then end of story. It has been reported in the news here that they have caught the sniper but not what colour he was/is. just that he was an ex service man. apparently caught with the sniper rifle in the car. so that would suggest he did it!

    wonder why? But very glad he is caught

  6. by   CATHYW
    I agree, Giuseppe, Death penalty only suits this case. My question is, what in the WORLD difference does it make if the man is black, white, yellow, red, or a mixutre of all? Wrong is still wrong, no matter WHO does it. The evidence speaks for itself, just as the DNA evidence did in the OJ case. If it was a white man that did this, my opinion would still be the same-he needs to die for what he did to all those people and families! Color really doesn't matter!
    If the man was white, would all whites be considered worthless just because a white man did a terrible thing? NOT! Neither do I think all black folks are sorry just because somebody committed murder. The world just needs to get real, and black folks must live up to the same laws as everybody else, and quit thinking that whites are pickling on them. This is not the old days of the KKK-blacks SEEM to have law enforcement and the legal system bending over backward to be sure that they are treated correctly. If you are black you very well might not see it that way, but as long as there are those who think, "pore old me-I can't get a break anywhere, and they after my butt," they will never see things objectively. White people are arrested and put to death for the wrong they do, too, and I don't know of anyone who thinks we as a race are being picked on. If you break the law (and this is GOD'S law), you will pay the price. Simple enough to me.
  7. by   Lausana
    i didn't feel slighted or think "not another white one" by timothy mcvey, or the unibomber, etc. being white and killing people, etc. sick people commit crimes & i don't care if he was green (no offense of course guiseppe ) it doesn't make what he did any different.

    i assumed the sniper to be white, because statistically most serial killers are...but since all races commit crimes it really should be a concern that he's black.
  8. by   NurseDennie
    It seems like the evidence against these two men is very good - they apparently have linked the rifle found in their car with ballistic evidence in at least several of the sniper's killings.

    There was a man locally, who killed several women and was caught because the last one he tried to kill was able to escape and she identified him. He told police that he did it because there aren't many black serial murderers and he wanted to be famous.

    It sounds like the people who did the shootings in the DC area wanted money and were just angry and hated people, as opposed to wanting to be famous.

    As far as death penalty, I am Such a hypocrite about that. I would personally make very harsh punishment on somebody who hurt a kid (and this guy did). But I can't see the death penalty as right. It seems to me that if you kill even ONE person in error, that's enough to scrap the whole system. I am morally sure that more than one person has been executed in error; witness all the people who have been set free with DNA evidence after being imprisioned for years and years.


  9. by   Q.
    The thought of their race never entered my mind, honestly. So they are black? If they are guilty, then they are guilty. What's the issue? Why must people always bring attention to their race, yet, at the same time, get angry when OTHER people call attention to their race?
  10. by   nursegoodguy
    Race did enter my mind because the people who were targeted were people of color... and so Yes, the color of the suspects was a surprise to me!
    I will say also that I don't believe mental illness had anything to do with any of these killings... Those suspects are evil, selfish people who wanted money and did not care who they destroyed and terrorized to get what they wanted, plain and simple!
  11. by   LasVegasRN
    Well, it's true that the majority of serial killers have been white. But, not exclusively. Don't forget the Atlanta child murders and...I can't remember his first name, but that Ferguson guy who shot people in the subway in New York who defended himself (unsuccessfully).
    It makes no difference what race commited the atrocity, the question is WHY?? :stone
  12. by   Q.
    Originally posted by nursegoodguy
    Race did enter my mind because the people who were targeted were people of color!
    They were?

    I thought they were pretty broad in their victims. There was a mix of black, white, women and men..even Asian I believe.
    Statistically, most serial killers are white. It was what I had pictured, a little Timothy McVeigh wannabe. I'll admit initial..... shock may be too strong a word. But I won't say I didn't do a double take.

    I had thought it was a broad mix of people that were targeted too, but I can't say that I really paid attention to it. The people that lost their lives are victims no matter what color they were. And the killer is a freakin bastard that should fry, no matter what color he is.

    It's a tragedy, and I don't see any colors.

  14. by   nursegoodguy
    Maybe I am wrong but I thought the majority were people of color?
    I will aplogize for my lack of information though...