Adrienne goes back to school!

  1. [blushing] y'all know i love talking about me.

    so, checked in to the university of manitoba to register for my upcoming evening course (trying to do some pre-master's stuff. i can't believe it, nothing has changed in 8 years! okay i take that back, i'm no longer a scared little 17 year old fresh off the farm (well not really, but i did live in the sticks), now i'm a cranky and impatient 25 year old.

    you still have to wait in line for hours just to find out that you're not standing in the right line. i realized yow much of a fool i was to actually come in on september 3rd to register (how soon we forget our lessons learned). the place was packed! there were even line-ups to pay for parking. i got absoluty nothing accomplished. this is my own fault, of course, because i left it till too late and was trying to get everything done backwards. i did manage to get myself a registration guide and take a peak at the price of my textbook (omg $80, for a dinky little soft cover book). i was never able to register for my course, because you cannot do this live and for some reason, the system wouldn't let me do it.

    so i walk over to the continuing education building (my new faculty) like the computer-wench on the phone instructed me to do. the receptionist at the desk (who was wearing scrubs [huh?]) said they were no longer making live appointments, but were only answering voicemails now. i patiently explained that i am working the rest of the week and cannot wait, because classes are starting in a few days. she told me to leave a voice mail, and i would be taken care of. whatever. hopefully i can get it taken care of and can actually get into one of the courses i need.

    so anyway, that's where i'm at with the process of re-educating myself.

    funny thing happened, though when i was on the way to my car. i bumped into a girl i went to highschool with. hadn't seen her in 4 years. she tells me that she's starting her nurses training. this will be her 3rd degree. she already has a degree in recreation studies and another in commerce. she is apparently working as a head of recreation at one of the nursing homes that refers a lot of patients to us. she says she likes it so much that she's decided to be a nurse! (the fool :chuckle ).

    i'll let you know as i progress.
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  3. by   Stargazer
    Oooh, harsh reality check, there, Adrienne. I'm sure I would've been even less patient than you.
    The receptionist at the desk (who was wearing scrubs [huh?]) said they were no longer making live appointments, but were only answering voicemails now. I patiently explained that I am working the rest of the week and cannot wait, because classes are starting in a few days. She told me to leave a voice mail, and I would be taken care of. WHATEVER.
    At that point, I would've asked to borrow her own phone so I could leave her a voicemail. Cow.
  4. by   adrienurse
    Okay, I now have attended my second class of Research Methods 49.321

    Some perceptions:
    - I love how technology has gone in the last 4 years. I remember spending many a frivolous hour at the librairy searching for and then copying the required readings for classes. This always left me feeling very disgruntled. Today there is webCT! I simply have to go into the University's homepage, go to webCT, click on the course number and I can download the articles and print from there. I can also download class notes BEFORE THE CLASS as well as the assignments etc. Soo cool. Genius even.
    - Okay, how the heck did I manage to get a 4 year degree without owning a computer (graduated in 98)? It boggles the mind. All I owned until this spring was a dinky Canon wordprocessor that got all bunged up if my essays reached more than 10 pages. It couldn't be done today. Computers are essential.
    - See above. People following along in class on their laptops! Prof does her class overheads on powerpoint! Life is good.
    - If you have to choose people for a class project, go right to the students with the laptops!
    - Last week I left the class feeling like a fargin thickheaded idiot, today I feel semi-better self esteem wise. I at least understood what the prof was talking about, and had semi-intelligent things to contribute during the group project. Group projects.
    - Loretta Secco PhD is a goddess.
    - Young male nursing students are cute, and I am itching to corrupt one of them asap.
    - There was nobody in my class group (mostly 2nd year students) that was under the age of 20. Everyone also had either a University Degree of a prevous diploma in nursing.
    - I want to volunteer as a mentor for nursing students.
    - I think I need to take a philosophy course to help me wrap my think head around some of these abstract concepts and theories. Seriously.
  5. by   studentOH
    Congrats Adrienne....I hated school when I first started because of the ridiculous lines. Now I do everything online, and if I have to go downtown it's punishment for not getting something taken care of on time hehe. Switched to a smaller school too, that helped BIG time. Keep us updated...any specialty area in mind for your masters?

  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    adrienne, all the best to you!
  7. by   adrienurse
    I want to specialize in gerontology (specifically care of the frail and demented elderly)-- it's where my heart is.
  8. by   Beach_RN
    Adrienne I thinks it' wonderful that you have decided to return to school! Good Luck To You!

    one more thang...... GOSH DARN It!...I agree Technology is amazing! itz a beautiful thang!

    I'm awed by it everyday!
  9. by   rebelwaclause
    You go girl and do yo thang! (I've always thought slang was so illiterate, until I realized it didn't matter how articulate I was....People judge you either way )

    Where did that come from? Did I think that or say it out loud?

    (Anyway)...Yea, Yea, Yeah....Do yo thang mami...Represent yo farm or sticks! Do us proud.
  10. by   hapeewendy
    haha funny you should write adrie...
    I just started my Bscn course yesterday
    I'm doing a 19mth fast track program and am overwhlemed to say the least....
    it started off with all of us complaining about the room we are in , we are onsite at a hospital and the university paid the hospital for a classroom, well we didnt get a classroom we got a freakin dungeon, down in the basement, u know where all the dirty linen goes etc, i'm sure theres a morgue down there - or maybe its just our classroom that appears morgue like
    anyway I'm stressed and worried about all the papers I am going to have to write, since becoming a nurse I have learned, and rather skillfully too, how to massacre the english language and abbreviate the heck out of just about everything
    good luck to you my friend
    I'm sure you'll do wonderful!
  11. by   WashYaHands
    Last week I left the class feeling like a fargin thickheaded idiot, today I feel semi-better self esteem wise.
    Glad you're feeling better about it. Hang in there and keep us posted as to how you're doing. Anytime you need a pep talk, feel free to PM.

  12. by   adrienurse
    Wendy! I'm so proud of you! Anytime you need help deciphering the APA 5 code, drop me a line. I HAVE been there (and apparently didn't get enough of it). Funny how hung up profs can get about margins. You're paying, what, $500 for that course, make them get you a bigger classroom. You are a consumer now, you can pull your weight.

    Good luck!
  13. by   researchrabbit
    I LOOOOOOVVE school! But hate the bureaucracy! So of course I work for a university...

    I started school too...but it's nontraditional...gonna be a "Certified Master Hypnotist". If nothing else, I'll be able to keep my family relaxed...maybe implant some cleaning suggestions...
  14. by   fedupnurse
    Stargazer, great minds must think alike. As I read the post I said hmm...I would have asked to borrow her phone!! Best of luck to both Adrienurse and Hapeewendy on their educational endeavors! Now for the tough question: Will you earn extra money for getting your BSN?? I will be at the new place.