Addictions - HELP !!!!!

  1. Hello - Frankie here. Help, I have addictions - aspercream, Coca-cola, and now - I just started using this BB a few weeks ago, and now my house is a wreck - I surf this site - and the internet too much! frankie
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  3. by   live4today
    Well frankie......there are WORSE things you could be addicted to. :chuckle Drugs, alcholol, SEX :chuckle

    I'm the one who has been a member here for over one year now, and has over 5100, if ANYONE has an Allnurses would be me. :chuckle

    Now...mind house never goes without my care...nor does my husband...nor do other family members, close friends, and others I tend to in the'm obviously not THAT addicted!

    My stars woman....if your house is dirty from being on Allnurses...and your mind is much saner for it......then, quit cha whining dah-lin! We love to have you aboard, and sharing yourself with us. We are all growing from one another here...even those who are only lurkers are growing and becoming all the wiser for "tuning in" to this BB each day. Learning is far more important than cleaning house......besides.....that dust will just return anyway.
  4. by   frankie
    Hi Cheerfuldoer - frankie here - the house is not exactly dirty, just messy - like unfolded towels and a few loose papers around. I really enjoy this place. It is great to "talk" with other nurses. frankie
  5. by   live4today
    Frankie......then stay here with us as long as you have a puter to use. Heck, put that laundry basket next to the puter, and fold those towels. As for the "loose papers".....trash what's trash, and file what's can even do this while you sit at the puter. :chuckle There is nothing we Allnurses siblings can't do while sitting at our puter. Now you may need to DELEGATE some household tasks in order to be here with us, but isn't delegation what we nurses tend to do best? :kiss
  6. by   Lausana
    Ah, just let it go...turn out all the lights so it looks like no one is home, then you won't have to deal with visitors popping in to see the messy house :chuckle Not that I've ever done that :uhoh21:

    Pull up a seat and stay awhile...and pass me the chips already!
  7. by   frankie
    Hello, frankie here - Yall are so nice here. I have tried several other BB, and they are duds. I love this place. frankie
  8. by   live4today
    And we love this place too......that's why we can't leave it....even in our sleep. :chuckle :roll :chuckle
  9. by   nursegoodguy
    Besides, winter is coming... Get a nice warm blanket to cuddle up with, a cup of hot chocolate and by next spring you'll have hundreds of posts to your name! Just give in to it Frankie and we'll all have a good time...
    (OMG do I sound like I am in a religious cult...) again!
  10. by   rebelwaclause
    Frankie...You're a riot.

    "Hello, my name is "rebel" and I'm a addict"
  11. by   frankie
    Hello everyone, Frankie here. I think maybe I don't mind the allnurses addiction as much as the aspercream one. This will be added to my list of --- SIGNS YOU ARE GETTING OLD.

    1. Tylenol relieves you pain. (this is big, big, big, as Oprah says)
    2. You want all appointments between 10am and 2pm - it
    gets closer to 1pm the older you get.
    3. You wear sweaters all of the time - you are always cold.
    Even in someplace like New Orleans.
    4. You develop alcohol intolerance and drink O'Douls beer.
    and now 5. You develop an addiction with aspercream and go to bed with Ben (gay, that is).
  12. by   live4today
    Hello Allnurses siblings! My name is Renee.....aka...Cheerfuldoer,
    and I am an Allnurses Addict times one year now. I have tried weaning myself on my no that's why I am here tonight with all of you so you can help me overcome my addiction. :chuckle :roll :kiss
  13. by   Lausana
    Originally posted by nursegoodguy
    Besides, winter is coming... Get a nice warm blanket to cuddle up with, a cup of hot chocolate and by next spring you'll have hundreds of posts to your name
    Oh Yum! I've got this puffy down blanket that sounds wonderful right now, unfortunately I'm working right now (and it's frickin freezing in here ) can barely type...but nothing will keep me away from here! Heck, what's an addict to do