About Those Secure Diebold Election Machines

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    You think your vote is secure?

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    The disclosure comes amid heightened concerns nationwide about the security of the November elections and the ability of the state to keep tight controls on the thousands of machines that will be used next month.

    The availability of the code - the written instructions that tell the machines what to do - is important because some computer scientists worry that the machines are vulnerable to malicious and virtually undetectable vote-switching software.

    This year, a team of Princeton University computer scientists obtained a slightly older version of the code than that sent to Kagan and found that a programmer with access to the voting machines and their passwords could install malicious software or viruses.
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    Oregon is the only state so far to have all mail-in ballots. It then takes a Scantron to "tally the votes." If everybody had this system, more poeple would vote, and we could rent the Scantrons from colleges and high schools, and not even have to buy new equipment. Schools would make a little money, and all votes would be counted. To those that say that this system is prey to "unregistered voters" (read illegal brown people), I say, that it is less liable to that than to 'electronic" votes being highjacked.
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    it is too late to do anything this election but we need to keep the voter interest up and some hard work done to protect our voting from all who would disenfrancise [sp]
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    here is a short video of those crazy liberals at Faux News' report on Diebold voting!

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    Just a reminder before you vote on Tuesday: The software running on Diebold machines was designed by a guy convicted on 23 counts of felony theft. Vote with confidence!

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    Yes, please go and cast your vote.
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    Downing Street Memo, attacks on the patriotism of political opponents, The outing of Valerie Plame, Congressman Tom Delay indicted, Congressman Cunningham convicted, Congressman Ney convicted, Scooter Libbey indicted, Haliburton war profiteering, page-Gate cover up, Congressman Jim Gibbons, Congressman Don Sherwood, Congressman Curt Weldon –Federal Investigation, starting a preventable war in IRAQ, KATRINA, domestic spying Program, Cheney secret energy meetings, Jack Abramoff, poverty Increase, gas prices, deficit spending, Social Security Privatization, gay bashing, torture, President takes interview with Rush after mean personal attack on MJF, lying cheating political preachers, secret prisons, Abu Ghraib, signing memos that completely contradict the bill just signed into law, and many other reasons.
    Support our troops - Bring Them Home

    I will vote. I just do NOT trust those machines.