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  1. went to see this movie tonite, l have to say l was mighty impressed. Jack Nicholson was awesome as was Kathy Bates. It's a very off-beat plot, not a glitzy typical Hollywood style at all. Very realistic, in fact i didn't see one single actor/actress that looked glamorous. Even the extras and insignificant roles looked like everyday people off the street.....Even though the movie was hilarious at times it was over all very sad......but l loved the ending. Like l said, not at all high style and thrilling, but very touching and realistic....l loved it. Anyone else seen it yet? What did you think?
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  3. by   KaroSnowQueen
    My husband loved it, thought it was great. I did NOT like it at all. I thought the Nicholson character had failed at making things in his life and his relationships worthwhile and ended up having the little penpal be his only thing he was doing right. I thought it stunk, rather than make things right with those close to him, he copped out and was a hero to some stranger. I will admit, it reminded me so much of my FIL and his behavior that I could scream. Which may have colored my view of the movie.
    Like I said, hubby loved it, told me it was an "old guy" thing.
    Whatever, I said, it must be.
    Normally I don't care for Jack Nicholson, but all the hype at the Golden Globes has kinda made me interested in seeing it.

    If I remember correctly, his wife dies? Is that right? Anyone care to give a bit of storyline without giving too much away?

  5. by   l.rae
    yes, his wife does die unexpectedly, his dgtr lives out of state and is engaged to be married soon to a fella that, well...what an interesting character. Kathy Bates actually does a nude scene (very brief)....freakin hilarious....she is the grooms mom...Nicholson stays with them when he's there for the wedding......Heather you will love this line..(Kathy Bates) says, "I breast fed him till he was almost 5.......and just look at the results."....Alot of what karosnowqueen says is true about the movie, but it was the human failings ,and the struggles to put it right that really touched me. Nicholson is NOT the epitome of family life, but he does try, however patheticly....this movie was too true to life......even the brides maids were very authentic "real ppl"....one was over weight...very close to reality TV IMO.......I

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  6. by   passing thru
    Please tell me how it ended...i did not 'GET' the ending at all. And in the theathre I was in, as the credits started rolling , more than one person said...""is that IT?"" so, what did the ending MEAN?

  7. by   l.rae
    The way l took it is that his journey to the wedding in that travel home, was really a journey of soul searching,....you know he is at the stage of life asking, what difference have l made in this world? He's 66 yrs old, his career was everything, his whole identity...he's forced to retire, looses his wife, has a poor relationship with his dgtr....the movie really depicts his coming to terms with these issues. When he sponsers this third world child and writes these letters, l think they poignetly highlights his inexperience at being anything less than self centered....and his akwardness at reaching out beyond his world. In the end, he feels a failure at everything upon returning from the wedding....then he finally gets his first letter from the orphanage of the sponsered child.....l won't say more.....but to me, the movie was more than the sum of it's ending....it was the body of the movie that really held the msg........Kathy Bates always steels the show.....she is awesome!
  8. by   emily_mom
    I love Jack....want to see Anger Management when it comes out too.

  9. by   Mkue
    I like Jack too as an actor and will probably see the movie. Loved him in "One Flew over the Cookoos Nest".
  10. by   nursechris1
    I thought the movie was OK. I live in Omaha, where a good part of it was filmed, so it was interesting in the movie theater, you could hear people say "I know where that is". Seeing Kathy Bates naked was Hilarious. Made me feel skinny. The ending was kind of an AH HA, like now he has found what is most important in life. I too, can't wait to see Anger Management. Jack is one of my favorite actors.