Microwave Just Died!!!

  1. Remember the thread where we were posting the various gadgets we have in our home? And I said my favorite two household gadgets were the telephone and the microwave? microwave DIED today. I've had it for under five years, and the heating element no longer works. Does anyone know how much it cost to replace a heating element in a microwave? My husband called the 1-800-#, and they told him the nearest service center for our Sharp Microwave won't believe OHIO! AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! We are in freakin' TEXAS! calm my acute onset of husband went out and bought another microwave, but he is trying to figure out how to work the computerized gadget. I told him "Not tonight, honey. I will figure it out all tomorrow. Just go pop some popcorn for me, and call it a night!"

    I still want my old microwave fixed. If I can get it fixed, I'm returning the new one. I could use that money for something better. Anyone ever have a microwave they are so in love with die on them? I think I will need to give it the proper burial if we can't get it fixed...don't you think? I's served our family well for almost 5 long years now...maybe longer.....I can't remember.
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  3. by   CATHYW
    Renee, I say, kiss your old 'Sharp' goodbye, and give it a decent burial! Microwaves cost quite a lot to repair, and by the time you pay shipping charges, etc., it isn't worth it.
    After a nice bag of popcorn and a decent night's sleep, you'll walk right up to that puppy, and haul off and start using it! I got a GE with bells and whistles galore last August when we rebuilt our house. I never have read the book, but I use it all of the time. I love it, and I'll bet you'll come around to getting along well with yours, too! (-:
  4. by   live4today
    Thanks Cathy! :kiss

    I'm getting ready to go enjoy my first snack cooked by our new microwave right now as I watch a movie before bed. Hubby popped me some Orville Redenbacher's Homestyle favorite! Nighty-night, and sweet dreams to you and your family! Until tomorrow......(((hugs))) :kiss
  5. by   LasVegasRN
    Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to honor the memory of Renee's microwave. It has served her well. As we look back fondly upon the many popped kernels, warmed meals, and burned entrees, we shall cherish the memories of days gone past. This microwave shall forever remain in our hearts as being the easy one to operate, and pop the best of Pop Secret. We shall miss you, oh, radiated one. Amen.
    Okay, pass some of the new popped popcorn.
  6. by   CATHYW
    with head bowed,

    chuckle, chuckle, lol! lasvegasrn! siff, snort-oh yeah, this is a funeral-
    the arrangement for the top of the microwave is made of aluminum foil, covered with multihued food spatters!:roll :roll :chuckle :d
  7. by   LasVegasRN
    Cathy, I also brought a floral arrangement of melted tupperware containers with the bubbled spaghetti sauce stains on the sides.
    Oh - this is so painful!
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Sorry for your loss..... but You will NOT receive a death certificate from me.
  9. by   l.rae
    Renee, lf you are dpoa for your microwave...l say make it a DNR.....what is this unnatural attatchment to a radioactive device??? Tell it to go toward the light...........Microwaves are great...microwaves and can openers (and drive thrus) are my first line of defense against death cert........perhaps a sympathy card.......LR
  10. by   Mkue
    Oh Cheefuldoer,

    I'ts hard to live without a microwave.

    Hey Ohio is not such a bad place... we just sent a laptop to Texas !!

    Good Luck !!

  11. by   nursegoodguy
    I was at JCPenny's homestore and saw this bright red retro looking thing that turned out to be a microwave so I bought it! They have them in all sorts of colors now and styles now... Most are under a hundred dollars. The only thing about my new one is that I've learned where a microwave is concerned, size does count! If it's too small you can't get your popcorn in it or it won't spin correctly...
    Originally posted by nursegoodguy
    I've learned where a microwave is concerned, size does count!
    Oh Guiseppe, size always matters.

  13. by   live4today
    Good afternoon fellow Allnurses! I can't say enough about you all. You simply cracked me up just now.......especially you LasVegas...thanks for the eulogy in regards to the demise of my Sharp Microwave Oven.....may it rest in "micro-heaven". :chuckle
    :roll :chuckle

    This is the first thread that I am reading today as I just now signed on here to catch up with all of you, and I already have tears running down my face from rolling with laughter.
    You guys........:kiss.......can't say enough about Allnurses.......we do rock, don't we? Again.......thanks for getting the first laugh of the day out of me. You never cease to amaze me!
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  14. by   Sleepyeyes
    The microwave is dead....

    Long live the microwave!!

    Enjoy, Renee!