A Worshiper's Heart Devotional: Crayons and Paper, A Lesson of Grace

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    Have you ever thought about how our Lord desires our companionship and worship? The One who holds the heavens in the palm of His hand, the One who created the universe. He wants to spend time with us. Little insignificant beings that we are and He desires time with us. This is an amazing thought!

    A Worshiper's Heart Devotional: Crayons and Paper, A Lesson of Grace

    Have you ever had to buy a present for someone who has everything? This can be a difficult task. They may already have what you want to buy them or can afford to buy it for themselves. In the same way, what can we give to the God who made everything? By His Grace and Love we are given this gift, to give of ourselves.

    Grace. This is a hard concept for some to grasp. We are brought up our whole lives to earn our keep, to do your share, to earn respect, etc. But Grace....this is something beyond everything we learned growing up in this rat race of a world.

    Grace is not deserved, given because....well, just because. It is not earned, it's not given by cutting out coupons or saving reward points. It's not given because I am a good person or deserve it. On the contrary, the Bible says we are saved by grace, through faith and it is a gift from God (Ephesians 2:8). It is an undeserved gift. But He gives it freely.

    Now this is where the hard concept of grace comes into play. I have friends who have said, "Oh Nursefrances, but you don't know what kind of life I have lived. How could God love me?" And some of these dear people wait on the side lines and don't accept their free gift because they don't feel worthy of receiving it. This is where we need to let go of our preconceived thoughts and accept the free gift he has given.

    Some would say, "He has given me so much. But what do I have to offer Him, the Maker of the heavens and the earth?"

    He doesn't want anything but you and your love. Remember when your kids were little and would draw pictures for you with crayons and paper? A little squiggly flower or a sun with the lopsided words "I luv you momy" printed with a fat crayon. Did we look upon this drawing like an art critic? Did we refuse the simple token of love because it wasn't "good enough"? No, we enjoyed the sweet innocence of our young children and saw the love given with each crayon stroke. We proudly hung these simple drawings on our refrigerator or on our wall.

    In the same way, our Lord gives us His gift of grace. Imagine He is giving you crayons and paper and He says, "Draw me a picture. And what ever it is, I will know you drew it because you love me." He will hang it upon the wall of His heart and say "You see that, my child drew that for me and only me, because she loves me."

    And in this trying life when the crayon strokes look wobbly or the paper has been crumpled by the crushing times of life, He knows that with each stroke of that crayon, you drew it with a child's love.
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Beautifully written. This touched my heart. Thank you, nursefrances!!
  4. by   stepbystep12
    This is the unmerited favor only because he loves us. Hallelluyah to his name.