A way to get our voices heard perhaps?

  1. Hi everybody:

    I was surfing this site (there is so much here, love this place!)and found the section for traveling nurses. Someone posted a site for more info about it and this is what I found below at that site:

    "Nurse's Speak" February 15, 2001

    We are getting ready to take our pro-nurse campaign to the next level. Starting February 15th, we will begin voicing your opinions in hospitals throughout America. If you have something to say about nursing shortages, staffing, pay rates, benefits, etc., we want to hear from you. Fax your comments to 775-402-7461. Be sure to include your initials or your name and title, (if you feel bold enough to use it) and we will put it on our newsletter. We look forward to hearing from you.
    Hospitals across America

    Travel Nurses, USA
    Phone: 919-682-2943
    Fax: 919-682-7552

    Don't know, maybe it will make a difference if we write. I plan to write, you bet! Just thought I'd share, every little bit helps.
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  3. by   hiker
    Great idea, Franky-bird! I'll do it too!