A Tragic Story - Baby P

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    Who is Baby P?
    August 3 2007 marks the date that ended months of abuse for Baby P. The toddler, known as Baby P was born on March 3 2006. For the first 4 months of his life, Baby P lived with his biological parents in Haringey. In July of 2006 Baby P's father moved out.
    The first time that Baby P displayed any signs of abuse were in October. Coincidentally, this is right before Baby P's stepfather moved into the home. In the months between Baby P's stepfather moving in and Baby P's tragic and unfortunate death the poor toddler is reported to vhave been tortured. This torture was inflicted by the stepfather and by a lodger that lived there also. The two men are reported to be brothers. His mother sat idly by and did nothing to protect her precious baby. In fact she covered up for these evil men.
    At the time of his death Baby P had multiple cuts and bruises on his head, his ears were hanging on. It is reported that he had been attacked by his step father's rottweiler. He had bruises on his arms and legs. He had a broken leg and worst of all a broken back. The toddlers back had been broken in the weeks preceding his death. Baby P was missing finger nails. It is reported that the tips of his fingers were cut off with a Stanley knife and the the nail were ripped out with a pliers. A tooth was found in Baby P's stomach during the autopsy. He was hit so hard in the face that a tooth fell out and he swallowed it.
    As well as being physically abused, Baby P was also neglected. He was left in his crib for days at a time, he was underfed, his diaper was rarely changed and he was suffering a severe case of head lice.
    Death must have been a welcome escape for this poor toddler.
    The death of Baby P has stirred a huge controversy in England. It is believed that if it wasn't for poor communication between different agencies such as police, social workers and doctors that the death of this toddler may have been avoided. Baby P had on Child Protective Services Register since December and was frequently visited by over worked social workers. They seemed to think it better to leave in home in the abusive environment. Sickeningly, the toddler was examined on August 1st, 2 days before he died in a hospital. At this time he was suffering a broken back and broken ribs. The doctor that examined him has stated that she did not give him a full examination because he was too cranky and miserable. Had she, he might be alive today.
    Let's all pray for this baby.
    To learn more please visit http://www.rememberbabyp.com...
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  3. by   Katnip
    God bless the poor little angel.

    This angers me more than I can even say. What is it about CPS workers who feel it's better to keep children in situations where there's obvious abuse and neglect? I know there is a problem with finding placements sometimes, but this is ridiculous. It just kills me knowing that there are others out there suffering like Baby P and nobody is doing anything about it.
  4. by   bear19kilosgirl2
    This is beyond tragic. It always amazes me that criminals have more rights and privledges than an abused child. I only hope that the mother, boyfriend and brother of the boyfriend are so fortunate as to be given the same treatment this child received once they arrive in their little part of hell. People like this do not even deserve a defense.
  5. by   HisTreasure
    I don't even know what to say. My soul cries for Baby P and all the anonymous Baby P's still out there enduring this type of pain and abuse every day.
  6. by   GooeyRN
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    This is so sad and unfortunately still happens in the UK when really things should be improving
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Heartbreaking - he looks like my second son did at that age. Bright blue eyes, curly towhead.

    Why do women bring men into their homes and allow them to do this???

  9. by   cursedandblessed
    this is sickening to think of a little innocent tortured like this. and the mother my words to describe the disgust i feel for her is even worse. i remember in my first semester of nursing school being told that we had to treat the whole family, even if one is an abuser of the child.

    i still can't wrap my head around that.
  10. by   squeakykitty
    That mother SICKENS me!!:angryfirespbox:
    There was a mother cat once that pulled her five little sweeties out of a burning building (and got burned doing it), yet this woman couldn't lift a finger to save her baby. That level of evil selfishness really gets to me.