A tale of yogurt...

  1. So earlier I had gone to the market to pick up food and smokes and they had yogurt (on sale no less) so naturally, I bought some. One of the flavours that I got was pina colada...all in good fun I suppose, figured I'd try it. Now, allow me to backtrack a moment and tell you that I cannot abide by yogurt with bits in it. So I bought the kind I THOUGHT was bit-less. I was wrong, so very, very, spectacularly WRONG!!! So I am hungry like mad, and I start downing this thing of pina colada yogurt and am SHOCKED AND APPALLED when what else but a giant slimy chunk of pineapple lodges itself firmly above my epiglottis....and I gagged. For shame. The moral of this tale? Bits suck. Don't suck bits.

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  3. by   NurseDennie
    Hmmm... Depends on the bits. I have to agree that bits in smooth things are unpleasant. I don't like tapioca pudding for instance, and I don't like to drink anything that's thick!!

    But yogurt is unpleasant enough on its own to justify its own thread. YEUCHHHH