1. Happy Fathers' Day
    to all you special dads' out there in AllNurses Cyber Land !

    From my own experience, I know I never thanked my dad for all that he did for me. Actually, at the time, I thought he was a tightwad, and plain old negligent !!
    After all, all he did was work non-stop , on the job, off the job...
    provide me & my siblings with a stable and stress free home.

    No family fights and brawls, no cussing, no drinking,..........
    you all cannot begin to imagine how dull it was to live in a house where dad went to work EVERY day......came home at 5:15 , we sat down for supper EVERY day at 5:30 p.m.

    Then, he went and tended the vegetable garden, fed the chickens, slopped the hogs, mended whatever was broken...
    Sometimes he and mom "put up" vegetables in mason jars, and
    we all picked berries, and they made jelly, a couple times a week,
    he would bring home chickens to pluck and cut up.....or bring home a couple of bushes of corn to shuck and prepare for hog feed, .......what a way to spend your evenings !!
    Then he showered and went to bed...

    I could hear him and mom talking and listening to the
    radio in their bedroom....(mom never allowed a t.v. in the
    bedroom....her only rule in the house.)

    He NEVER drove me anywhere....us kids had to walk. He didn't splurge on bikes/radios/stereo's/vacations....nothing for us !!

    When it came time for us to marry or go to college....the $ was there.

    So, I lived an absolutely dull & boring childhood.

    For all you dads' out there with bored & "deprived" kids,
    And all you dads who are working hard, week in and week out, and sacrificing,
    and setting examples for your offspring,
    and being memorable role models,

    even though the kids may not appreciate it now,
    there will come a time when they look back,
    realise what a special guy you were.

    Happy Father's Day !
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  3. by   H ynnoD
    I remember my nieghbor asking his wife why they can't eat dinner at 5 everynight like we do.Amazing the traits our parents instill in us.We do alot of things our parents did sometimes without realizing it.I Thank God for my Dad who is retiring Today.Besides just being Father and Son,We are also good friends.Amazing for as much Hell I put him through when I was a Teenager.God Bless All Our Fathers
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    We had a great Daddy! Thanks to Mom saying, why don't you take ..." we all got special time when he took the car for the lube & oil change or ran another errand.
    Not boring, still no swearing, yelling, or drinking.
    He checked our homework and sat next to us on the piano bench to make us practice.
    He made sure we tried a variety of foods and told us about White Castle burgers.
    He swam and skated with us. He left a lot of books and magazines around and taught me to read before I started school. He was a high school music teacher. Played weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and private parties professionally.

    I got to care for him when he died of cancer. He finally understood a little of what nurses do. Mom had died young (after we were grown). He remarried. My stepmother said, "It must be embarrasing doing those things for your Dad."
    He answered, "It's like me practicing scales."

    He was one cousins favorite uncle. That cousins Dad has always been my favorite uncle. All remember lots of music.

    He was also a friend to son- in- laws who remember fun and conversations.

    My kids have a good Dad too!
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  5. by   Rustyhammer
    I never really spent TIME with my Dad.
    Now that I'm a dad I try to spend time with my kids. Even if we are just playing a board game or working outside together.
    I don't want my kids saying they didn't do anything with me during their childhood.
  6. by   aimeee
    I liked doing things with my Dad. Still do. Riding along with him as we borrowed the pickup from his employer to take a load of trash to the dump...riding on the back of his motorcycle to town to pick up a Sunday paper and stop by at Grandma's house, to the lumberyard, etc. We took beginning guitar lessons together, played tennis together, golfed together, cross country skiied, rode bikes, and took walks. Once he showed me how to shoot a rifle. Taught me to change a tire.

    But I think the thing I treasure most about my father, is the ability to be comfortable with silence. He is a pretty quiet guy, and we did talk about a lot during all those activities together, but not unless we had something to say. There was no need to fill the empty spaces with idle chatter. We could just enjoy each other's presence and the moment.
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  7. by   passing thru
    Happy Fathers' Day Russ.
    From the collective sound of your posts, your offspring are going to have interesting and loving memories of growing up with you.

    I didn't spend much time with my dad either. As I said, in retrospect, our lives were routine and boring.
    But, at the time, I certainly never thought it or said it. He would have thought that was MY problem if I said I was bored......as he surely didn't see his role/purpose in life
    as reliever of my routine-humdrum-boring-dull but stable life!

    LOL !

    He didn't believe in entertaining us.
    Looking back, I wouldn't have it any other way.