A Special Message for Heather&others

  1. Heather, this goes out to you. You are a comic to be reckoned with here. When I have felt irritated to the point of wanting to back away from here for a while you lift my spirits. Thanks for making me double over with pain. You are gifted in getting everyone else going as they tag on to your hilarious comments. Others here touch me in a special way too but if nursing doesn't cut it for you I will be happy to be your road manager!
    Also, I have done some research and there are some issues posted that had me on the floor! While these may not be nursing issues(the Disney Pirate for example) there have been some threads that are priceless. With that, I applaud you all, my funny, witty, brilliant comrades!!!!
    :kiss :roll
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  3. by   MelRN13
    I agree with you 100% Lavorne! I miss those members!
  4. by   LaVorneRN
    You had me rolling during my research too Melissa! I don't even remember how I got there but I saw the Cameltoe Elvis thread too. I'm glad they're still around to discover. Anyway, glad to know you. I migrate most to those light of heart like yourself. What can I say-laughing with friends is a fave pastime of mine! I am homesick for my nursing friends in Alaska-some of the most hilarious characters-and I get that fix here.