A special hug for Giuseppe and Joey!!!

  1. My terrific day also included my first phone call and a great chat with these two great guys. How special can this duck feel??? Of course now I want to steal Joey cause he said, "I thought you'd sound older." (You smooth talker!) MaMa Judy wasn't there but maybe next time. She sounds like such a terrific lady. Not to tell secrets or anything, but MaMa Judy, you should hear how your boys talk about you!! You are loved, for certain. Hugs to both of you for making my day special and for the perfect ending of the day. Of course, Theresa and I talked about you later, only good stuff, I promise. I have found so many wonderful new friends, thanks to this great BB. Brian, how can we ever thank you? Hugs to you all and God bless you bunches!
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  3. by   nursegoodguy
    Thank you Duckie and we really had a Great time chatting with you too!
    Now baby face keeps saying, "when are we going to the midwest?"
    I say, "Not til AFTER winter!" LOL
    can you put skies on a wheelchair?