A Solution, Perhaps Resolve

  1. I've had a lot to think about over the last few days. No, not all of it having to do with this BB, still very much twitterpated for that! But mostly about things in general. I do have some thoughts to share, and if you'll indulge me, here they are:

    The events of late on the BB have been disconcerting, to say the least. To rehash events, threads, arguments, disappointments, etc. has become non-productive, in my opinion. What's done is done.

    It's as if we need an bolus of Lidocaine, followed by a low dose drip to stop the arrythmia that came about on the board. It was a lethal arrythmia that caused hurt feelings all around. It was bad for the whole body and affected all the parts. Somewhere along the way a few clots were thrown and caused an infarct - definitely some damage done, but there is a chance for healing or at least the formation of collateral blood flow.

    I hope you're following my analogy.

    If not, let me state it this way: I was a frequent poster and very active member of this board. As with anything you participate in heavily, you can get territorial, defensive on protecting that which you hold dear, and wrapped up in things that tend to escalate out of control sometimes. Does this make me a bad person? I don't think so, it makes me human, and prone to err as well as the next person.

    What I have realized that ugliness can come from everyone. Even those who try to correct it, and, yes, even moderate it. Does that make those people bad? Of course not. It shows they are human also.

    So, where to go from here?

    This board has merit. I think the mixed feelings of so many demonstrate that fact. The problem is not feeling comfortable in a place where I once did. So how do I rectify this situation?

    I've decided to limit my posting to only nursing issues. Become more active on the Case Management thread - a forum near and dear to this case manager's heart, and General Discussions when I want. My posts will be fact-based, specifically directed and written as if discussing in a professional forum. Nothing more, nothing less. Participating in Off Topic will not be something I want to do - not now. I have a place where I can post comfortably and not worry and hesitate so much about what I say, how I say it, and WHO it might offend, so that can be my place to let my personality and fun come through with other nursing/medical professionals. It's a closed invitation-only forum that is suited for this purpose. It's apparent to me that by participating in Off Topic I've overstayed my welcome - which is okay, sometimes change is needed.

    There are a great many people who have soooo much information that is vital and informative on this profession, at least that part should not be lost.

    To the new people and/or those who are glad of the change: Enjoy Off-Topic, this is a place to get to enjoy others in cyberland, laugh, cry, and get informed on non-nursing things. It can be a great cyber-community and help.

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  3. by   fab4fan
    Vegas: ITA...and btw, I hope our differences in that one thread ("Dr. asked for a 'kind' nurse...") were just that...different POV. I truly respect what you did in that situation.
  4. by   LasVegasRN
    Fab - our differences helped TREMENDOUSLY in the handling of that case. Your input was invaluable. If anything, that was a perfect example of how our interaction, although different and diverse, proved beneficial for that patient. Mucho kudos to you!
  5. by   monkijr
    LV, I just loveyou,

    When and if I grow up I wanna be just like you.
  6. by   nakitamoon
    ,,,, vegas,,, i 'ditto' ursula's words,,,, i just love you,,,, i look forward to reading your posts,,,, where ever they are,,,, so glad,,, you will still be here,,,,

    take care,,,, be happy,,,, nik~
  7. by   NursieRN
    Beautiful post, LV.
  8. by   Heather333
    Well said, Dee. You'll be missed. I'm sure that I'll see you around.

  9. by   cpgrn
    Great LV - just don't leave. I would miss reading your posts.
  10. by   Mimi Wheeze
    Vegas, I'm glad you're not leaving for good! Even though I have not been around here as long as you have, I understand where you are coming from.
  11. by   eltrip
    Glad to know that you're still here...still standing, as it seems.

    The nursing discussion areas can be rather interesting, as I've been noticing. I've been looking more in those areas over the past few months. Changes taking place within, I suppose, as I near the end of my 30's.

    It'll be great to exchange thoughts with you on any & all of these forums.

    all the best,
  12. by   Mimi2RN
    Deneen, I've followed your posts over the last few months and have enjoyed reading about your life and your thoughts. I was very pleased to see that you had a new man in your life (having been a single mom with two kids). Verbalizing your fears and the uncertainties of dating helps others realize that they are not the only ones going through that situation.

    You are able to write the way you feel, have a talent with words that I wish I had.

    No-one else but you could have started the poop thread............

    Enjoy your Huggy Bear, I know I'll miss reading about him. If (and when) you get married, please let us know.

    love, mimi
  13. by   karenG
    vegas- I hope you feel able to post here again- cos I shall miss you! and I might just die of curiosity about you and huggy bear!!

    take care

  14. by   CAMELOT

    I am so pleased to read your approach to this issue. The insight and nursing experiences that you and so many other of the frequent posters contribute would be such a loss to the bulletin board and those who do not have your knowledge or experience.

    Please hang in there.