A Nurse┤s Prayer

  1. A Nurse┤s Prayer

    Be me in the world.
    Be my voice to the deaf.
    Be my faith where there is doubt.
    Be my hope where there is despair.
    Be my light where there is darkness.
    Be my joy where there is sadness.
    Be me in the world.
    Be my eyes to the blind.
    Be my consolation to those who need to be consoled.
    Be my understanding to those who need to be understood.
    Be my healing to those who need healed.
    Be my love to those who need love.
    Be my forgiveness to those who need to be forgiven.
    Be my death to those who need me.
    Be me in the world.

    - Author Unknown -
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  3. by   micro
    Sounds very similar to St. Francis of Assisi prayer!!!!!

    with a nursing take.........

    thanks as always betts

    last thought before I go

    "let me be who i need to be when I have my nursing hat on"

    no, I don't wear a nursing hat.......but when I am on the clock and nursing.......let me be who i need to be.......for all in need both apparent and not so apparent.......to all

    and if I can't carry the burden alone.....ask for help.......

    thx, humbly