A NEW DRINK...everyone's raving about it !!

  1. Everyone in my neck of the woods' is raving about a "new Drink", so , thought I'd share it with you guys.

    It is vanilla flavored vodka...(supposed to be new), and ginger ale.

    Any of you tried it? ...How bad could it be??????
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  3. by   Zee_RN
    Sounds good to me! I like the Absolute Citron which is citrusy flavored vodka. I want to try the one that's flavored with currants but they only had the big bottle and I don't want to spend $17 on it if I end up not liking it.
  4. by   Stargazer
    Vanilla vodka? Oooohh---sounds like a good base for MANY varieties of yummy drinks (note to self: stop by liquor store on way home tonight)!

    This could create all kinds of yummy concoctions!

    While we're talking about alcohol, what are your thoughts on wine? I've honestly never had a glass until a couple of weeks ago, and I really liked it. There are soooooo many kinds, what are your favorites?

  6. by   Stargazer
    Mmm, wine. I've been a wine afficionado for many years, but I've been on a particular kick for months now. I like HUGE, dry, robust reds. The kind that are dense and chewy and smoky and oaky and chocolately with plummy, spicy, berry-y flavors.

    With food, I might have something a little mellower like a merlot or a little lighter like a pinot noir or a beaujolais, but mainly, I'm all about the cabs and the zinfandels. Regionally speaking I'm particularly fond of Australian and Italian wines.
  7. by   prn nurse
    I stopped at the liquor store and bought a bottle of smirnoff's vanilla flavored....$14. The only other choice they had, and it sounded better was Stoli..vanilla flavored...$18. I should have bought it. What's better than genuine, imported, aged Russian vodka? I mean, do Russians know how to make vodka?? Does a bear sh_t in the woods? Anyway, I'm off for a week and my family and I will try it....Happy Mother's Day all you present and future moms' and all you caring, nurturing nurses of both sexes.

    Don't drink and Drive..... You'll break some mother's heart.
  8. by   Mkue
    How about Mike's Hard Lemonade?

    Happy Mother's Day All !!

  9. by   CEN35
    isn't it stolie? it also comes in orange and some other flavors...i have had it...... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :d

  10. by   semstr
    Wine is my favourite and only alcoholic drink. I prefer white wines and they have to be very dry.
    I hate nothing more as sweet wines, like the Rinewines produced in Germany, they stick in your mouth!

    I like californian wines, well not all of them, but especially the ones from Mrs. Kathryn Hall, she was embassador to Austria and introduced her own wines here. Great ones!!

    The Austrian wines are very, very good, try them one time!!
    For red I drink the Italian Valpolicella or Chianti.
    When we have a celebration, I love to drink champaigne!!

    Take care, and don't drink too much, Renee
  11. by   mother/babyRN
    Wel,, not that I get much occasion to imbibe these days, but I always liked amaretto the best....White Zinfindel was my wine choice but love (d) to try all sorts of things....Who has had an apple tini?
  12. by   MLL
    Yum! Yum!!
    I'm off to the liquor store as we speak. Guess I'll try the Stoli if they have it. Russian vodka makers have never done me wrong yet!
    What do you mix it with? Don't tell me! Don't tell me! I'm off this weekend so I'll just experiement until I get it right.
  13. by   prn nurse
    What is Mike's Hard Lemonade and what is an apple tini?
    Don't be mentioning these thirst quenchers without a "recipe". It will make my curiosity drive me crazy, and I don't have time to be hangin in bars ordering "an apple tini , please".
    Maybe we could start a thread with favorite drinks. and recipes.

    Back when we used to roll our own, in the summertime, we'd mix a gallon of cheap red wine with a couple of quarts of Celestrial Seasons Red Zinger tea, and some 7-Up, some orange juice, and a couple of sliced lemons, yum-yum....don't recall how many gallons we went thru. Going swimmin', jumping off boulders into the water; climbing a hill to swing out on a rope and free fall into the water; ... or tubing and watching the guys jump off the cliffs, all the while slurping our sangria....can't beat that!
  14. by   NurseDennie
    Wow - people who know about wines. Whoooo. I like white zinfandel, and that shows you how UNsophisticated my palate is. I've never met a nice (pink) zinfandel I didn't like. Impudent yet not overbearing....

    I LOVE Margaritas but I can't tolerate much in the way of alcohol, but ooh those taste oh SO good!!!

    Wodka makes me wommit.