A little offtopic but i'm desperate

  1. Hi,
    Where i could find some CHEAP accomodation in London?I was googling,i checked flightlondon.net and other london sites.but i didnt find any good info.If you live in london or know some londoners please help
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  3. by   slou!
    To live or for vacation?

    I have been to Europe a couple of times and I always stay in youth hostels! I don't know how you feel about that, certain people don't like them. I love them, because they are DIRT cheap, and they provide you with the basic necessities, a bed, a community kitchen if you need it, bathrooms, and a shower. When I travel I want to really see the country, not just some over priced hotel in another country, I could see that here! If you are traveling, and not vacationing (I think there is a difference, traveling is more seeing a place, going out and exploring and actually seeing all the different sights of a place, and vacationing to me is just kind of being comfortable and doing whatever I want!) then these are awesome. When me and my friends went to Europe last summer we would go out that morning, and not come back until late that night, being on our feet all day. So I didn't see a point in getting a fancy hotel, so we basically needed a bed and that was it! Some people don't like the idea of sharing a room with 10 other people though, people you don't even know. Or sharing a bathroom/having to wait to get a shower, etc. I personally don't care, but I know some people just don't like this. Which is fine too
    Some website for London hostels are:

    If you don't want to stay at a youth hostel, some bed and breakfasts can also be really cheap.

    If you are looking for a place to live, then please disregard all the above information and sorry I can't help you I hope you find what you are looking for and if you need more help feel free to ask!
  4. by   EricJRN
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  5. by   CHATSDALE
    have stayed in hostel in this country..clean sheets, comfortable bed and cheap..i wasn't going to spend much time in room anyway

  6. by   Mimi2RN
    If you want cheaper accommodations, hostels are the way to go. I've only stayed at the HI hostels (in this country it's HIAYH)

    In England, it's called the YHA, but it is part of Hostelling International. You can access the info on British hostels through that same site.

    Sleeping accomodations can be dorms or sometimes family rooms, usually a kitchen so you can fix your own food. Some hostels provide meals, cheaper than going to a restaurant.

    I've stayed at Holland Park Hostel in London a couple of times. It's a big hostel, but was comfortable for us. Not too far to the Underground, which is the easiest way to get around London.

    I know nothing about the other hostel organization, just be careful with some of the independent ones.
  7. by   RGN1
    Look up the Holiday Inn Express sites & B&B's but be careful where they are. Feel free to PM me - I live in London & am willing to help.

    Don't expect our cheap to be the same as USA cheap though!

    You're better off looking at the suburbs & then getting an Oyster Card & going in by public transport. I can get into the city in 30 minutes from where I live - outside peak times though, of course!