A hair question?

  1. Ok I'm starting to think we should have a separate forum just for hair concerns.

    I'm trying to decide what to do with my hair. It is dark brown and very thick, straight, falls to just below my shoulders, no bangs. I have good skin and don't like bangs (I despise hair being in my face). The problem is that my hair is so thick and heavy that its really lifeless... generally I wear it up in a clip, back in a ponytail, or push it behind my ears. Not very interesting.

    So I'm deciding between two things....

    I have a photo of a really cute razor-cut bob. Its on a girl with hair as straight as mine, and it looks awesome. Its sort of all different lengths, the longest being above the collar. So this would take off a lot of length and maybe lighten my head a little. I like this cut a lot.

    However, I really love having long hair. So my other option is to get a perm. I've never had one before. I'm thinking of a really loose, spiral perm to give my hair body and interest. It would be relatively low maintenance (unlike the above cut which would need to be blown dry every day), I'd still have the ability to pull my hair up/back/whatever.

    My only concern is that with my thick hair, the perm would make it the jewish girl's version of an afro.... ? Anybody have experience with spiral perms and thick hair? Would it be a disaster?

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  3. by   delirium
    Oh, the other thing is cost. With this much hair, a perm would be well over $100.

    Do I want to spend that much on something I might not like?
  4. by   NicuGal
    I would love to have your straight hair...but everyone always wants what they don't have If you like the razor cut, go for it! Ask your hair person what they think...if you have a great stylist they won't steer you wrong
  5. by   nursegoodguy
    I could be wrong but if you perm it, then you have to re-perm it every 3-4 months and the effects on the hair that has already been permed... well you can't keep putting amonia (or whatever chemical they use) on your hair and not have some higher maintenance problems in the future. Hair grows about a half inch per month, only 6 inches a year! Then again, it's only hair and you can always grow it, cut it, perm it, change it! Have fun with it!
    You are a beautiful girl, (inside and out) and I wouldn't change a thing!
    Oh I love these threads! Unfortunately, I'll have to give my advice and experience when I return fro my road trip......

    I just love to talk hair!

  7. by   delirium
    That's true, that I would have to reperm it every 6-8 months or so. I'm just nervous about it cause I've never had a perm.

  8. by   researchrabbit
    I have really straight hair and have had no luck with perms (sigh)...always wanted BIG CURLY HAIR!! Post a pic of your razor cut if you can; it sounds interesting!
  9. by   delirium
    I think the result would definitely be big curly hair! I'm leaning more and more toward the perm...... but I think I'll wait and do it in October as a b-day present to myself since its so godawful expensive.

    I'll try to find a pic of a comparable cut.
  10. by   Hooligan
    Ms Purp...for God's sake...Please DON'T perm your hair!!! This is coming from someone who made that mistake 3-4 months ago! I have very thick, long (to my shoulder blades) red hair. I too was in your position...I was kinda sick of my hair not doing anything exciting...and my knee-jerk response is usually to cut it short...but I like long hair (so does hubby) and really didn't want to cut it short...so I decided to get a perm. Big Mistake! I used to have really healthy hair and now it's fried!!! If you do decide to get a perm make sure they use the biggest rods they can find. Maybe consider just getting a body wave, take off a few inches, add some layers and mess with some hilights or something. Usually when I get the itch to change my apperance I go to my trusty beautician and ask her what she would do if she/he was me...they won't lie...mine told me not to get the perm...now, why didn't I listen? Anyway...do please post pics of the short haircut you were thinking of and Good Luck with what you choose. You should post before & after pics of that too!

    Have a great day!

  11. by   RNinICU
    My daughter has long thick hair too. For years she would get it permed, and it did look vey nice. It always took two or three perms to do her hair, and usually took two girls to wrap it because she has so much hair. She got loose spirals, and it always looked beautiful. She stopped having it done because of the expense. It cost $100 to $150 each time. If you decide to have it done, choose a good hairdresser, and make sure she does a test curl first. For maintenance, you can usually just get a root perm every few months. It is less expensive, and does less damage to your hair. My daughter just wears hers long and straight now since she quit having the perms. She too complains about her hair being lifeless at times, but doesn't want to give up her long hair. I'm sure you will look beautiful no matter what you decide.
  12. by   renerian
    I love my perm. I have shoulder length hair and dye it. I only dye infrequently . I have straighter than straight hair. My perm was done in March and I still have alot of curly hair. My hair grows fast. It can burn your hair though so be careful.

  13. by   BugRN
    Try this before you perm.. Buy some long sponge rod rollers and twist into wet hair leave in until dry and then slowly unwind and loosen with fingers. This will give you the same effect of a perm. If you like it Go for it! If not, all you have to do is wash it out! I do this when I too get the curly hair longing. Mine to is long straight and often lifeless, I'm also at the wanting to cut it stage but I love long hair even at my age. Cutting is drastic. You could even go to a wig store and see how you look in short hair. Good Luck!! Let us know.
  14. by   Lausana
    I've been going through the hair blahs too, did you notice around school it seems everywhere you look everyone's got a cute short cut?! Mine's to my bra strap and straight (my options are always "long layers" lol)

    I think you'd look cute with the short cut and you'd have a lot of styling options...but I think with short hair you do have to do a lot of styling or its obvious-can't cheat & throw in a clip!

    I'd probably stay away from the perms unless it was nice and loose...back in the Mariah Carey days I got a spiral & it was beautiful, hair was real long, but the thing wouldn't go away...it took a couple yrs to grow/cut, grow/cut it out

    I love talking hair too...I went through a phase when I wanted to study cosmotology...but touching some people's hair would be just too gross...so now I'm going to be a nurse