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  1. than many of the articles that have been posted:

    how is saddam a threat to world safety? well, you don't develop chemical and biological weapons to establish world peace. you get them, you spend your treasure to get them, to use them, one way or another at one time or another. he's used the weapons he has in the past--both conventional weapons in his invasions, and unconventional weapons in his gassing of the kurds and iranians. he seems never to shy from violence. do we want him to go nuclear, and then deal with him then? that would seem an unwise gamble.

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  3. by   l.rae
    Bob, enjoyed the article....a friend e-mailed that link to me and l thought of posting it too...but l am glad you did... l agree with the body bag analogy...AND...it's not like we haven't already seen a horendous body bag situation on or own soil....which l feel if that fails to make a point....nothing will. And for those who want us to go in a occuupy/babysit Iraq, you don't think our troops will be in harms way.....for gawd knows how long and our military will not be attacked and wounded/killed?...l do believe this war will be fought, will be swift and conclusive..... then occupation and rebuilding will not be as timely and perilous with a friendlier more cooperative government. I can't prove this no more than anyone else can prove otherwise...but it is my opinnion......well, it's early, hope you have an asbestos suit ready.... .......LR
  4. by   RNonsense
    Great article...thanks for sharing
  5. by   maureeno
    I also thank you for posting this essay. I agree with Ms. Noonan 'at this point Iraq is, for each of us, a gut call.' I agree BushII does not shrink from big stands on issues he believes in. But his brand of Christianity does scare me, one example, I do not think he used the term 'crusade' unwittingly.
    Yes, SH has been a regional tyrant, and we all know of the substantial US supportive role in his tyranny.
    It is odd Ms. Noonan would categorically state 'you don't develop chemical and biological weapons to establish world peace,' because that is exactly why the US says we have to have them.
    Ms. Noonan writes an attack will be 'a blow to terrorism'.... many believe it will inflame others to terror; blood for blood......
    Many believe weapons can be destroyed without war, just as did the inspections of the 1990's; inspections can also stop any [if there really is one] nuclear program...
    Ms. Noonan's conclusion an attack can be 'a reassertion of Western spirit and values' is baffling. Western values do not include pre-emptive war. She falsely presents the only alternative to war as being 'gambling on SH's future goodwill'. She is more honest when she admits 'we cannot expect a successful invasion to result in a new age of peace and security'.
  6. by   2ndCareerRN

    I am glad you took the time to read the article. I would not expect everyone to agree with the points made in it.

    It is opinion afterall. We both know about opinions, everybody has one, very few are the same.

    That is one of the things about living in a country where freedom is cherished. We can disagree with our enemies, friends and neighbors alike, and not fear swift and terrible retribution. In fact, we may even be invited to their house for dinner the next weekend.

    So, I will continue to post articles for you to read. I don't expect to change your views, but, perhaps it will give you more of an idea why people with differing opinions about the world situation feel the way they do.

    And, I will continue to read the articles posted by you, rncountry, and others to try and see your side of the argument.

    Then we can all meet in Las Vegas in the fall and find out we may just like each other.

  7. by   maureeno
    I appreciate your post above

    there is too much meaness going around...when I first logged on to the link to the WSJ I mistook the picture of Ms. Noonan for Ann Coulture. I felt a shudder of dread because just yesterday I read an essay by her written July 9, 2002 which said liberals and terrorists have the same disease! I was relieved when I saw the author was Ms. Noonan, a much friendlier sort.

    As I've told Susy, I am with you on hoping I am wrong and You are correct.