A composition to share. . .

  1. Being away from the internet does not mean I've been away from the computer.

    Besides working on my property, spending time with my loving wife and family and doing church and TLN stuff, I've also been attemtping to spend time writing music. New compositions are still coming slowly, though. Here's a relatively new piece titled, "A Tunes' Head" that I share for your listening pleasure. It's a simple jazz composition. The intent of this piece is to play it live with other musicians and "jam the night away". Unfortunately I don't know too many musicians that live near-by or that can play jazz music. So, what you hear is 100% me playing with myself on the computer. Even the guitar sounds are from the computer. Thanks to modern digital technology, the computer can produce some pretty convincing stuff.

    Hope you enjoy the listen. . .

    A Tune's Head

    Respectfully submitted for your listening pleasure. . .

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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    enjoyed the music and the display, thanks for posting
  4. by   Tweety
    That was very good Ted. I've got a couple of MP3's of your's on my iPod. Always good to hear from you my friend.
  5. by   leslie :-D
    a man of so many talents!
    nice job, ted.

  6. by   dianah
    Thank you, Ted! Really enjoyed it!
  7. by   Ted
    I'm glad you all enjoyed the piece. I've been visiting a composer/musician web site lately. Many of the members there are full-time, professional composers. There's a lot of great music and talent to be found there! I've received some positive feed-back on a few compositions from a few members that I admire. This is encouraging. Whenever I can, I work to develop this neglected passion of writing music. Still, there's too much to do in life and little hours in the day.

    Thank you for the listen.