A complete waste of time

  1. Yes, it's a totally useless poll to help me fill a long, Sunday shift and the void left open by the complete absence of chocolate on the unit. (Honestly, the one day no one brings it in...)

    I actually came up with this after meeting a nurse down in the ED (a very petite nurse, BTW) who like to wear her stethescope around her waist like a belt!
  2. Poll: How do you wear your stethescope?

    • Draped around your neck w/ bell to the left

      45.45% 30
    • Draped around your neck w/bell to the right

      28.79% 19
    • Over your left shoulder

      0% 0
    • Over your right shoulder

      1.52% 1
    • Ear pieces around the neck

      1.52% 1
    • In a coat pocket

      6.06% 4
    • In a pants pocket

      0% 0
    • In a special holder

      0% 0
    • Other

      16.67% 11
    66 Votes
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  4. by   nursedawn67
    I wish I could kill time at work using the computer! You must have the perfect job!!

    When I do wear mine....I wear it on my neck with the bell to the left. Usually I wear it to use for some residents during medpass, any other time it is at my desk. And the CNA's know that if I come up to the desk in a hurry and fling it around my neck that there is trouble abrewing!

    Wear the stethoscope around the waist!?! Not since I was like 4!! Wow that nurse must have been very petite! :imbar
  5. by   frannybee
    We only use them when passing NG tubes or when someone's poorly, so they usually stay on a shelf in the treatment room. When I need one with me, it goes round my neck with the bell on the left. Damn wearing it as a belt, honey - I'd need four!
  6. by   JohnnyGage
    Well, life isn't always this nice! At the moment things are a bit qu**t around here. I' transfered one guy out and waiting for a bed for the other. You'd think with all the snow we had yesterday they'd be dropping like flies. Oh well...
  7. by   RNonsense
    Mine's too short to wear around my neck comfortably...so I drape it over my shoulder if I'm taking it with me.

    Around a waist?? I should be so lucky...
  8. by   nursedawn67
    Johnny...uh oh don't say the Q word or you know what will happen all He** will break loose! Well enjoy the down time
  9. by   Mattigan
    It is usually wherever I last used it. Sometimes I forget and it stays on a mediflight stretcher and travels to a city but eventually it makes it's way home. I've been an RN since 1983 and I am only on my 2nd scope. Not bad at all.
  10. by   Mkue
    Looks like draped to the left around the shoulders is winning !
  11. by   Stargazer
    <warily wondering what "Other" option might involve>
  12. by   baseline
    LOL. How about I don't use one anymore? When I worked the units, it was around my neck to the left. (That alone sounds.......)
  13. by   karenG
    mine sits in a drawer in my desk and comes out when I need it!! as for wearing it round my waist.............chance would be a fine thing!

  14. by   Jay-Jay
    I have a $300 amplified Littman. When I'm with a patient, it's around my neck. As soon as I'm done with vitals, it goes back into the pocket in my nursing bag, which it shares with my BP cuff. I think the bag was originally designed as a computer bag, but it's really roomy, and has 2 large central compartments, on of which holds my binder and paperwork (schedule, extra forms) and the other which holds a vast array of frequently used supplies (2x2's, thermometer covers, alcohol swabs, blue interlink connectors, tape, 10 ml NS vials, syringes, etc., etc.) Other pockets on the front hold stethescope, BP cuff, spare batteries for my stethescope, pager AND hearing aids, tape measure, magnifying glass, resuscitation mask, epi kit and spare car keys!

    Sometimes I feel like the old fashioned country doctor, lugging my black bag from patient to patient!
  15. by   Sally_ICURN
    Other. I don't wear it, since I don't travel around the unit to see my patients, and most times only have one patient, it sits on the desk in the room or on a bedside table.