A Canadian speaks out- against guns

  1. After posting my thoughts on the latest shooting in the US- in Arizona, I have received a private message that I find offensive.

    This person is telling me to "go back to Canada". The thing is I ALREADY am in Canada......Thank GOD!

    I know I have strong views...... so do many others. But I have decided when it comes to guns, in the US, there can never really be a rational discussion. As long as people INSIST they should have loaded weapons ......even assault weapons......on their person, under their bed, in their car..... there will never be an answer to this problem.I an earlier post I asked what there might be.....but not one person seems to have any idea.

    The favoriate attack seems to say that guns do not kill people....GUNS ARE WEAPONS AND ARE MADE TO KILL. Fast, easy, simple. Pick it up, point shoot and think later. Surely as educated humankind we can all see guns for what they are????

    While it is not my problem, it does trouble me. We are neighbours and so while the violence that plagues the US is not spilling over into Canada.... it shocks me it can happen so close. I do feel for those in your country that what gun control and are doomed to never see it.

    No, Canada is not perfect. We have our own problems. HOWEVER, when I get a private message telling me to go BACK TO CANADA, something tells me I have stuck a nerve.
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  3. by   Vsummer1
    I am sorry that someone who didn't understand your geographical location flamed you.

    I will not debate with you on a philosophical difference we have, as it would be pointless. Suffice to say, I grew up with guns and am the daughter of a RESPONSIBLE gun owner. Key word: responsibility of ownership!

    Again, I am sorry about the PM flaming you for the way you grew up and where you grew up. We don't have the ability to pick and choose who our parent's are or what philosophy we were taught. And it is a societal issue, a philosophical issue and would be pointless to debate, so why even do it!

    May I ask a question though? If Canada does not allow guns, do I then assume that you do not hunt there? Or is it only handguns? Sorry for my ignorance on this, it has never come up in my limited life experiences and I would appreciate learning from you.
  4. by   PennyLane
    Originally posted by JMP

    GUNS ARE WEAPONS AND ARE MADE TO KILL. Fast, easy, simple. Pick it up, point shoot and think later. Surely as educated humankind we can all see guns for what they are????

    For what it's worth, I completely agree. I was thinking about this this morning before work. One argument for guns is that you can protect yourself from someone ELSE who may have a gun. But I strongly believe that guns CAUSE more problems than they solve. The thought of every American carrying a gun around with them at all times is soooooo frightening. Personally, I don't want a gun, I never want to hold or touch a gun. It is an item whose purpose is to kill someone, plain and simple. I don't want to turn this country into a war zone.

    ...Maybe I should move to Canada. If it weren't so coooold.
  5. by   Gomer
    Why do you think we call them "gun NUTS".
  6. by   hapeewendy
    the topic of gun control , much like abortion and religion is a volitle one at times and is fueled by some very personal opinions ,experiences and beliefs about the subject.
    I wont get in to all that here
    I am a grown woman and do not expect everyone to agree with me about everything and I am mature enough to at least respect the fact that people have different opinions and while yes I may not agree and may think my opinion is the right one I certainly would not flame someone and tell them to "go back" to "wherever they came from" etc..

    what I will say is that whoever did the nasty pm'ing needs to smarten up
    JMP is already in canada, incase the freakin canadian flag on her avitar, or the fact that her location is ontario CANADA (no not ontario california- though i hear there is one !) more important than the geography lesson for this poor soul would be the basic human notion of respect.

    it is that whole attitude of my opinion is right and therefore any other opinion on any subject must be wrong is precisely what gets people in trouble and is just a further catalyst for anger and hositlity - both of which we need a lot less of.
    so if you disagree with someone , and you will because if we all had the same opinion on every subject all of the time there would be no such thing as lively discussion OR englightenment , do so in a grown up respectful way for goodness sake

    I am writing this after being entangled in some terrible "office" Politics at work, forgive the dramatics, I'll just go ahead and get myself "back to Canada" oh wait I'm already here !
  7. by   Q.
    Let's remember that our liberal media only portrays what sells, ie: episodes of guns that kill people: things that are atypical and making them seem typical.

    The NRA has pulled several articles that have appeared in journals across the nation, in which several armed citizens have actually prevented more killing of innocent people by simply brandishing the weapon, or in some cases, shooting the intruder. For example, say the prof who was cowering under her desk had a weapon, or if any of the other students had a weapon. Perhaps the death toll would have been 2, instead of 4.

    Your logic is backwards, in my opinion, because there are faaaarrrr more deaths related to automobiles than there are guns. FAR MORE. And cars are just as DEADLY.

    And JMP, sorry about the PM that someone sent you. It's great to have other people's opinions, but I guess you as a Canadian who has been raised to think guns are evil and not people, well, we'll never see eye to eye.
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  8. by   Youda
    I agree with Wendy. Gun control is a very volatile topic. I just want to point out that everytime a violent crime involving a gun gets national media attention, the debate over gun control comes back, and back, and back.

    But I remember the Oklahoma bombing. Where I live, I felt the earth shudder from the blast. I remember 9/11 when a close friend died. I remember my father still having nightmares 40 years after the end of WWII. I remember the Anthrax deaths. Recently, over a hundred people died in Moscow when hostages were freed from a bomb-wired building.

    Do you really think getting rid of guns will stop violence?
  9. by   Q.
    Originally posted by Gomer
    Why do you think we call them "gun NUTS".

    See now I find this quite offensive. I am a law abiding, decent, educated human being who is pro-gun ownership. That does not indicate that I am somehow "crazy" or "nuts."
    JMP - I'm sorry that you're being privately attacked for your public views. Only a coward is so ashamed of their words that they hide them, instead of posting them publicly in the proper forum where they can be challenged (perhaps that's the problem?)

  11. by   Rustyhammer
    I've always respected your viewpoints and this case is no different.
    I agreee that gun ownership is not for everyone and if you don't feel comfortable with one then it's not for you.
    I also agree that there is a lot of senseless crime that may not have been if no guns were available.
    But "gun control" carries a wide variety of opinions and nobody will ever agree on what should and shouldn't be.
    I feel good about having guns in my house and depend on them to bring meat into my house and protection my livestock from predators.
    I am thankful that I have never had the need to use them to protect my family but if the need ever arised I would do what was necessary.
    Gun owners as a whole do not go around thinking about killing people.
    The reasons that people have for owning guns is a varied as the people themselves who own them.
    See now I find this quite offensive. I am a law abiding, decent, educated human being who is pro-gun ownership. That does not indicate that I am somehow "crazy" or "nuts."
    Well said, Suzy...........I suspect we think similarly on this issue. I was raised with a father who had guns for hunting and target shooting, and also one handgun for target shooting. We were taught respect for guns, they were always stored safely, and just about every home in the State of Maine has at least one gun. It's just not an issue. I have a problem with some gun control issues, because I am hesitant to accept anything that decreases my rights as a citizen. I fear, as I believe Rusty said, that once it starts, it may not stop.

    That said, I think it was wholly inappropriate for anyone to flame you, publicly or privately. Certainly adults can have differing opinions and debate them civilly, without regressing to childlike behavior and "name-calling".
  13. by   l.rae
    Originally posted by Gomer
    Why do you think we call them "gun NUTS".
    It's sad to see that just beause you aren't capable of intelligent debate you resort to name calling......the truth is, it doesn't matter how many ''laws'' are in place, murderers are NOT law abiding citizens.....l mean that is a no-brainer. Outlaws will ALWAYS get guns....NO MATTER WHAT!....where does that leave us?....unprotected.
  14. by   Gomer
    The "NUT" I was referring to was the NUT who wrote the anonymous "go back to Canada" email. However, anyone who quotes Ann Coulter and has paranoid under their name, well.......